Sunday; Blast or Bust?

As a pastor, I realize more so than others, that Sunday for people is their one and only day to either rest, or rest as well as go to church.  I also know that you want your rest to be great if that’s all you do.  OR, you want both your rest AND your experience at church to be great. 

I work very hard at making sure that church is not boring, but that it’s relevant, exciting, inspiriting, encouraging and loving.  I know that if I wasn’t in the ministry, was like everyone else and just attending church, I would want it to be that way. 

I know people attend church for various reasons like they might have friends that attend there, because of what they believe or because it’s close to home.  Naturally I want my church to attract the same kind of people.  I treasure the relationship that I have with all those who attend our church; both regular attenders and guests.  I love it when new people attend our church.  It gives a refreshing spirit and a newness to the service.  See, one thing that guests do not realize is that one day they could be welcoming people to the church they are visiting for the first or second time, because they loved it and settled down there. 

Moses was a first time guest at one time. However, yesterday, I said, “Moses you’re just an old stump now!”  What I meant by that, is that he had become a very integral part of Exaltation Church and was really someone I could count on because he loved me and the church.  He’s a great man.  Others like Meredith, who understand my standards of excellence for worship, comes through service after service with inspiring services that are so touching and sensitive to the spirit of man.  We are so blessed.

Yesterday was a great day for our church.  We had many people “checking us out.”  I loved it. It got me so fired up that Debra and I spent the afternoon and part of the evening doing things that we don’t normally do on Sunday.  It got me all “jacked up!”  (I had Mountain Dew for lunch too!)  Our guests were great people.  I fell in love with all of them and I hope it becomes reciprocal. 

Well, my Sunday was a blast.  I hope every one who came was as well. 

Now I’m writing this on my day off, getting all geared up for next Sunday.  (I’ve had three cups of coffee already this morning) 

BTW, keep rejection under your feet! (If you were here at EC yesterday, you know what I’m talking about!)

That’s what I think about it!



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