I absolutely love people!

I like being around them, talking to them, laughing with them and letting them tell me all about themselves.  I guess it’s a natural thing for me to be a loving pastor.  I love the people that go to my church.  There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them.  Our church is growing fast right now, and I like that, I can keep up with all of them.

I’ve got some that I have to stay on top of to get to come to church regularly.  Others who just want to attend and then there are those that just show up and help us all get the work done without complaining and love what they are doing.  But you know what, I just love them all.  And the best part of it is that I know that those I stay on top of, those who just want to come and sit and those who work hard love me back. I wouldn’t give anything for any of them.

When guests come to our church, I want them to hear it not only from me but from others about how much I love my people.  I’ve still go a lot of room to go in my heart for more that will be coming.

I voted on Friday because I will be out of town on Tuesday.  I told Debra that I met two people, the person in front and behind me in line. She said she wasn’t surprised.  She told me that I was just like that; never meeting strangers.  We talked about all kinds of things; except politics.

Love; such a wonderful thing.  Tell someone that you love them today.  Tell someone tomorrow that you love them.  People long to hear that.  People want to hear that.  People need to hear that.

Hey, you know I love you.

That’s what I think about it.



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