Life Comes At You Fast

Regular or unleaded? Premium or High Test? Salt or Pepper? Cash or Charge? (Back in the old days) Sir, do you want a radio with that car too?  How about air conditioning?

Choices.  We make choices.  Everyday.  Sometimes hard choices and we have to live with those choices.

Laughing is more fun than mornful weeping.  Smilling is better than frowning.  Joy is so much better than no joy. 

People want to be around someone who is joyful and not all down in the mouth serious all the time.  Someone gave Debra a picture of Jesus laughing.  It’s so cool!  He was facing death and still had the spirit within him to laugh.  He was given a hard time by the spiritual and religious people and still chose to laugh.  He laughed.  He smiled.

We have problems and we can either internalize them, analyze them, stew over them, brew over them or whatever or we can laugh and smile like the Master and enjoy life.

Life comes at you fast  (or that’s what the President from “24” says on that commercial)

So wrap it up with joy and love life when it comes at you fast.  The only way you can do this is with the Spirit that was in and upon Jesus.  I love that.

Do you have a sense of humor and joy?  No?  Then find someone that does and hang out with them, you’ll love life better.  If yes, then enjoy your gift.  Share it with others, make them feel better.

I chose joy today.  You?  I choose to make you happy not sad or mad or mean or downtrodden or angry or agravated or irritated or laminated (wait, that’s not an emotion) sorry.  You get the point.


That’s what I think about it. LOL! X’s 5K



4 responses to “Life Comes At You Fast

  1. I love this blog! Life is somber today, but the joy of the Lord is our strength, not the joy of the news. We are overcomers regardless of the wickedness around us. So, I choose to grab a (Diet) Coke and a smile, walk with Happy Feet, and pour out true joy wherever I go today. What a challenge!

  2. Yep! If it ain’t fun, I ain’t goin. II James 1:1

  3. Let’s see, unleaded, high test (what is that anyway?), pepper please–no salt, definitely cash and a radio? Why not?

    Wait, I’m commenting on the wrong portion. Joy. Yes, joy. Let me just tell you, it is WAY better to laugh than to mourn. I mean, crying looks cute and all, and wailing sure makes a statement–but you know what happens when you are watching two children laughing hysterically, or you are tuned into a TV show where it portrays people laughing………….you know what I am about to say……..we find that when we simply WATCH someone else laugh, our subconscious puts a smile on our own face too. There’s no denying it. You know you’ve done it many a-times. So, if we naturally smile when we see someone else smile–doesn’t that tell you that you ought to ALWAYS smile. Hey, why not be the first one to do it? Then, you can feel like a hero for making everyone else’s subconscious smile too.

    The scriptures say, “…You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours. For, I the Lord, love justice. I hate robbery and wrongdoing. I will FAITHFULLY reward my people for their suffering and make an everlasting covenant with them….everyone will realize that they are a people the Lord has blessed…..” Isaiah 61: 7-9

    So, see, it doesn’t matter who is in power, or who gets to control the land–God is above all else. He is infinitely in control. If we are faithful and obedient–WHAT DO WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT? And, if you live that and believe that–and you aren’t wasting your time with the senselessness of “worry,” you’ve got plenty of time on your hands to be happy! Make a joyful noise, people!! 🙂

    And we all know what else it says in the scriptures, “If you can’t laugh at yourself then, by all means, laugh at someone else.” No wait, maybe it was….”If you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh because of someone else.” No, that’s not right either. Maybe it was, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh with someone else.” Or, well, maybe it doesn’t say that in the Word at all, BUT I am sure I saw it somewhere.

    Smile–God is watching us! 🙂 He loves us, His children, so much. There’s a reason to smile, eh?

  4. Seek after Him and all things will be added on if we put God first. The Holy Spirit gives us JOY. It is the love of God.

    I agree with Becky. Be the first to smile and be a blessing to someone else. Laughter is contagious. Ever see someone laughing in the Holy Spirit—- others start laughing in the Spirit also.

    I have read the last chapter in the Book.
    REMEMBER—– WE WIN!!!!! and satan loses.
    That alone should always keep us smiling.

    God Bless you Pastor. We laugh with you!!!!

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