I Don’t Like Bully’s!

“I’m gonna beat you up!”  “You’re going to get your tail whipped after school today”  Did you ever hear words like that?  I did.  I hated that.  I was so small as a kid. 

How about, “I wished I’d never married you?”  or,  “You’re such a stupid kid, I don’t know why I even had you!”  Then there is, “You’ll never amount to anything in life!”  Oh, and “You’re the dumbest human being I’ve ever met!”  We’ll, I’ve never heard those but you have, probably. 

From birth until now, you’ve been molded into something else other than what God intended you to be.  It’s time you felt free to be yourself again!.   During our childhood years we bend to pressure from our teachers in school, our parents and our peers.  We’re constantly changing our actions, attitudes, and as a result, our personalities begin to get warped from all this back and forth between who we think we are and how we can be what THEY want ME to be. 

Now it doesn’t stop here, you go through your teen years and it really starts getting tough.  You didn’t get the love at home you needed so you look elsewhere.  You might find it in the backseat of a car or in a remote hotel, but then again you’re still changing for someone else.  Or you’re trying to get that special girl and you’re changing everything about you just to get her.  By the time you’re 18 you have no clue who you are.

Then…………marriage.  You thought you had it all figured out but then between mom and wife or Dad and husband, you can’t figure our what you’re doing wrong or right to keep harmony in the family and to have peace with yourself.   You change this about you and that about you and it’s all frustrating.  But wait, there’s more!


You’re now a mom or dad and now you have to be something totally different to them. I’m not finished….


Your boss wants you to be something else.  Boss after boss after boss changing you into what he want’s you to be.


Oh my! Now the sermon makes you either feel that you’re the worst sinner in the world and have to repent or you fall asleep and ask what’s wrong with me that I dont’ seem to be moved through religion?  You know some Christians are what I call masochistic type of believers.  They go to church saying, “Beat me preacher with that Bible of yours.”  “Hit me over the head with that boney finger that comes over the pulpit!”  “Burn my wretched soul with the fire and brimstone right out of the pits of wherever until I’m a crispy critter for Christ!”  (I even laughed as I wrote that.  Now that there’s funny I don’t care who you are.)   But seriously I know people and churches like that and it’s sad.  They never find who they are. If they don’t get their toes stepped on, then the preacher hasn’t preached.  I’m just sayin’.

So by now, today if you asked yourself the question, am I who God orignally planned to be?  You’d have to say “no”.   However, let me tell you it’s TIME TO FEEL FREE TO BE YOURSELF AGAIN!.  Don’t you just love that?

If we became once again the very person that God fearfully and wonderfully made, not only would we be joyful and free but others around us would be amazed at the beauty that lies within us.  All this because God created us to be something that we’re not right now. 

With all the hidden fear, anxiety, frustrations and other bits of junk within us, no wonder that we can’t feel free to be ourselves.

Is your life like a volcano ready to erupt or maybe it erupts everyday, or is it like an island where the wind blows lightly through the trees as you relax?  Hey it’s time you felt free to be yourself again.

I’m gonna write more about this.

That’s what I think about it.



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