Dancing: A Fundamental Right!

Have you ever watched a toddler when fast music is being played?  They are so cute and funny.  Swaying hips.  Bending needs, Bouncing bottoms.  Laughing.  See, dancing is instinctive. It’s in all us (some more than others).  It’s fun.  It’s cool.


It’s great for exercise.  I know someone who wants to check out the latest…Zumba.  Have you seen or heard about that?  It uses dancing for the purpose of getting physically fit. Phy-si-cal-ly Fit Phy-si-cal-ly Physically Physically (King Julian from Madagascar) I like to moovit, moovit!   


By the way did you know that Madagascar II is being released to day!  I love that movie.  Anyway…..


Dancing is a fundamental right of every human being.  There ought to be public dancing (not really, but it might be fun one day a month?) allowed in two places in America; Wal-Mart and Sheetz (or Wa-Wa).  Those are the liveliest places on earth.  You go in and music is playing and people are happy and things are good, and at one you’re buying coffee and gas and the other you’re buying deodorant.  I mean like my buddy Barry M says, Dancin ,dancin, dancin , dancin Dancin in the street.  Dancin, dancin,dancin in the street!


Sure there some Christians who don’t believe in dancing.  (I’m not talking about nasty, vulgar type dancing.)I’m talking fun here.  I’m talking joy here.  I’m talking letting that which is in my spirit to flow through my body! Moovit! Moovit!


How about in church?  (rut-ro)  Some people do dance in church when good music is being played. 


Now I’m a musician and I haven’t found many songs that do what I’m talking about in Christian music.  We need some good writers.  Or maybe I might declare my ignorance here of not having heard any. But then again, when I see people in church dancing, they are all doing the SAME TYPE OF DANCE!  It’s like someone said this is the way to do it and they all do it. I heard one pastor call it the charismatic shuffle. I mean the up-tempo boom-chuck starts on the drums and the 5-note boogie begins on the bass and away we go.  Let’s find some new stuff, people!


King David in the Old Testament danced in front of God and God’s people. He was so happy that he had to moovit, moovit!  There are many reference in the Bible about it.  Can you imagine dancing being allowed in some churches?  Your church?  If the music is right and the Spirit is moving, then we ought to moovit, moovit!


Dancing; a fundamental right!

EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!… boom, cic,cic, boom boom (mouth beatbox stuff, use your imagination) 


That’s what I think about it.




(Somebody turn up the music!)


3 responses to “Dancing: A Fundamental Right!

  1. I remember when I changed churches, a different denomination and my Worship Leader liked for us to sway and move our feet, to clap our hands and just worship with all our heart. Coming from a church that you didn’t raise your hand/arm to worship or forbid you have fast music in the church besides hymns; this was very new to me. As I began to move with the music – there was freedom. I learned it’s ok to move and freely worship as the music plays. Love the Lord with all my heart? Yes! and I show Him by loving the time I spend with Him in worshiping and moving and not being concerned of what others might think. So dance, move and enjoy being in His presence!

  2. Pastor, I couldn’t agree with you more!! Over the years I have visited several churches. Most of them were the type of churches that you really dont say a word until after service….if you’re ;still awake. I absolutely love the freedom I feel in our church to worship however we please. Music to me is like my absolute favorite way to worship the Lord. At home, Avery and I turn up the music and just let go. It’s a passionate way of worship, and it just feels so good to cut loose…….. We like to moovit moovit!…


  3. You should see the worship at my church, Northpoint Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. I think King Julian would be proud!

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