Waffle House; The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I love the service at Waffle House.  Sorta reminds me of table leaders at Emmaus.  They have the best waitresses there.  They just keep on and keep on and keep on giving you great service and great coffee.  I’ve said it before that if I owned a restaurant, I’d have all my workers trained at Waffle House.

Wow, I started thinking, Jesus gave His life for me and that is a lot.  He gave up his empire and title so that I would be able to connect back with the heavenly Father.  That is so awesome. I had to repent of my old ways to be able to have this relationship with Him. What a giver!

The reason I thought about this is that I know of people who have given themselves to others, opened up their world to them, become vulnerable to their rejection and in the end gotten hurt by them.

Have you ever been there?  You give it your all, you do all you can and BAM you never gain anything from it except rejection.  Why are people like that?  Why do they want to keep hurting others like yourself?

A friend of mine once told me and I believe it that people are like that because they have no confidence in themselves.  And that’s sad.  They fear relationships. They fear being hurt time after time after time again and again.  They wander from friend to friend, from relationship of lover to lover until they are like the prodigal son, they come to themselves and realize that it’s not about the other person, it’s about them.  It’s kinda sad that a person has to go through the change of seasons in friendships and relationships until they come to their senses and know that it’s them that has to change.  It’s hard to convince them of this too.  Mainly because you don’t have time in your relationship with them to help them.

If you’re the kind of person that wanders in the emotional desert like the Hebrew Children, don’t make it 40 years before you’re able to find the promise land of self esteem and self confidence.  Find it now. Listen to your friends.  Find it quick.  Realize that it’s you that has the problem, not the other person. 

(Wouldn’t you’d rather hear it from me than from your friends?)

So, if you’ve been hurt by these kinds of people, take heart! There are some really stable and good hearted people in this life.  You’ll find them.  They’ll be right by your side when you need them.  And when you don’t, they’ll still be there.  That’s a great friend. You’ll see. Hey, I’m here…

Maybe you’ll get to have breakfast with them at Waffle House every week. Who knows?

(Pass the syrup please.)

That’s what I think about it.



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