Andy Griffith, You Didn’t Fool Me!

No sir, not one bit.  You might have fooled alot of people, but not me.  Even Barney, fell for it.  I often thought that Helen Crump had your number, but I think she just played it off so that she would make sure she had a man.  After all, she was quickly becoming an old maid school teacher and she didn’t want that.

No, Andy, the towns people, especially Mayor Stoner, all thought you were a gracious, kind and folksy kind of guy.  I could see right through you.  You used people to get what you wanted and would manipulate them to do what you thought was right.  Did you hear that Andy, what YOU thought was right.  Even tho it seemed in the end that everything worked out right, it might have, but you manipulated, lied, strongly coerced everybody in doing it your way.

And you would have people eating out of your hand.  You would make some think that you were a goodie two shoes, that you never did anything wrong.  I’ll admit, you did a good job of that.  Even those around you, Aunt Bee and Opie were so co-dependent that they never saw your faults.  Come on Andy, admit it.  You would disagree with Barney, make others think that Barney was the bad guy and then you’d have them supporting you.  Then you would go to church and sing in the choir as if you were a good man.  Shame on you Andy.

You think you were a good dad, but remember Opie grew up and started hanging out with a thug, a guy that was a little funny, if you know what I mean, and a red headed guy who couldn’t keep his mouth shut.  Yeah, you really did a number on him.

Andy, let me give you some advice. Learn to take care of those things in your own life before you start taking care of others.  Remember if you’re going to take on the role of the sheriff, then you have to not only be authoritative, but you have to live the role.  Somebody died and made you sheriff but you only had one qualification; authority.  You didn’t have the inner fortitude to change what was wrong with you because you were all the time trying to change others.

Even tho I have you figured out, there will be others that you’ll have fooled.  Don’t make me have to put this blog on Floyd’s bulletin board.  You don’t want that.  But I will.

Andy, I ‘m sorry I had to bring this to the attention of others, but you forced me.

(Golly!)  (Shazam!) 

That’s what I think about it!



2 responses to “Andy Griffith, You Didn’t Fool Me!

  1. a little before my time but I get what your trying to say.

  2. You may not have intended this to be funny at all, but I am going to tell you–this one had me rolling in the aisle. “Shame on you, Andy.” Nice. That is hilarious.

    The good point behind all of this, like we heard last night, is… are we going to expect to light a fire under anyone if we, ourselves, are not burning with the message? You just can’t fake Holy Spirit. You can try, and you may even succeed for a while, but in the end–the only one you are fooling is YOURSELF. A mask of false provado can only hang in place for so long before the image it hides becomes exposed. It always ends up that way.

    And, another thing we heard was…instead of worrying about what we are doing on Sunday….we need to be focusing more on what we are doing with the other 6 days God has given us. If we choose to be like “Andy,” that’s just an exercise in free agency. A shallow one. And it gets us nowhere quick and is insulting to the Lord and to the Body of Christ. The last place I want to be is in the Lord’s way. (I’ve read the opposite side of the “Good News Bible.” Some things you just don’t need to hear twice.) 🙂

    In my opinion, the best thing we can be is an example. Trite, but true, actions speak louder than words. And, I’ll end with my favorite quote:

    “There is nothing more contagious than joy!”

    Romans 15:13 Look it up. It is beautiful!


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