I’m Not Your Judge

So, you miss church a lot. Or a real lot.  Or a whole lot.  Or you have to ask the question, “What’s church?” 

You chug-a-lug a few more than you should. 

You want to do other things on Sunday rather than go to church. You’re just not really in the game of “Christianity.” (Just a note here, it’s not a game.)

You might be one of those that sleep around on your husband or your wife behind their back.  Maybe you’re just shacking up with someone that’s not your wife or your husband. 

Maybe you’re the kind that is hiding  in the closet about your sexual preference. 

Could you be one like you can’t get by a day with out some kind of drug to make you feel better, make you relaxed, make you sleepy, make you whatever.  It doesn’t matter if the drug is over the counter or under the counter or on the counter, the abuse is still the same.

Or you use to be an “on fire” (said with a gravel-like voice) for God but now you’re neither on fire or cold.  You’re just a luke-warm cup of java.  (EWWWEEE)

When the pastor calls or you see him, there is an uneasy feeling inside. You’re hoping he doesn’t bring up anything that would make you feel uncomfortable about your present lifestyle.  You look at him with a “please don’t say anything about it”  or “I don’t care if you do I’m living the way I want to.”  He is just one guy or gal you don’t want to be around at this time in your life.  He’s the last one you want to have lunch with.  Or when he or she calls you, you don’t answer their calls.

I just wanted to make something very clear.

THE PASTOR IS NOT YOUR JUDGE!  No, not even close.  He’s just here to read you your “rights.”  He’s just an officer of the law, so to speak.  He’s not perfect, not even close.  He’s human just like you.  He’s just volunteered his life to help keep things Christian-like on this earth.

So, let me see, if my pastor is not my judge, and my mom is not my judge and my dad is not my judge then who is?

God. Period.

You and me both have to give an account to God for the way we live.  I like to keep a short account with him.  How about you?

So next time you see your pastor, don’t avoid him, ask him if God has asked about you lately?

That’s the way I feel about it.

DTW- http://www.exaltationchurch.com


One response to “I’m Not Your Judge

  1. wow a few years ago that would have hit close to home for me and my better half. We would skip church and go out to lunch after sleeping in and we happened to run into our pastor and half of the congregation that didn’t know us, we would make up some excuse even though he wouldn’t ask. I think my excuse was more for my own comfort. Since we have found Exaltation, we have found more than a church, we have found Church family and friends. I have experienced things I never thought possible. I went through a full emersion baptism, inviting my church family in the waters with me. I have renewed my wedding vows with my church family present. Answering to God has truly enriched my marriage and my relationship with my daughters. I am thankful everyday for my blessings and for having found such a wonderful family both in church and out of church. Many thanks to you for being his conduit.


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