Racism; The Black and White of Things

11:00 Sunday Morning – The most segregated hour in America – Worship Service

So the body of Christ tries to say that they aren’t racist. I’m talking every nation, tribe and tongue of person in America.  We need to take a deeper look, because in my searching, I’ve found we really are racist.

I was raised color-blind. I had friends; close friends of all races.  I lived thorough the 60’s and 70’s of really troubled times in America as to integration and segregation.  I couldn’t comprehend it.  I couldn’t wrap my brain around it.  I didn’t understand it.

I sang solos and played keyboard at many black churches and, frankly, had a better time at it than my white church.  I’ve always said that the difference between a black church and a white church is this; at a black church if the preacher preaches on adultery or addiction, the African-Americans will point to themselves and say out loud, “That’s me, preacher, that’s me.”  However at the white church, if the preacher preaches on the same thing, the white people point to the pew behind them and say, “That’s him, preacher, that’s him.”  

It’s difficult to find a true blended church nowadays. I know we have them; we just have to hunt them down.  We give excuses as to why we are so segregated on Sunday morning.  “Well, we just don’t worship the same.”  Or. “Well, we have our way of preaching, and you have your way of preaching.” 


I’ve been in prayer sessions with mixed races and got so righteously irritated at people praying politics according to color; praying their racist positions!  I couldn’t believe it. Christians, of all people!

I worked in a church in Tupelo, MS.  Now you talk about racism. I wanted to do a music concert there and advertise for it.  The ruling body of deacons tried to talk me out of it for at least an hour. Finally, an old man leaned across the table and got in my face and said, “You don’t get it, do you, boy?”  I said, “get what?”  He said, “If we advertise, we’ll have a lot of black folk to come.”  To help avoid stirring the same raging anger I felt, I edited his comment.

I was gone from that church two months later.

We must work harder as members of the body of Christ to absolutely accept and appreciate individuals in ALL races and from ALL backgrounds; no exceptions, and no excuses

I have a friend in Arlington, Texas that I just had at my church and in my home.  He is an African-American pastor.  We love each other so much and found that we have so much in common.  What a blessing.  I wondered if we both came from the same family.  It wouldn’t matter to me.

The first step of any problem is to recognize that it’s there.  So, let’s recognize it. It’s definitely there; on all sides. There is a lack of tolerance in love and appreciation in all areas for each other. We’ve got to recognize that and do something about it.

We, in the body of Christ, can’t keep thinking it will go away.  No, we’ve got to take responsibility for it.  We’ve got to do something about it.

That’s what I think about it





4 responses to “Racism; The Black and White of Things

  1. Well said, Pastor. I couldn’t agree more. Sadly, those who will disagree with you are the biggest part (and cause) of the problem. Blind by choice. They are blind….by choice.

  2. Awesome Pastor. Let’s see if I got this right. All men’s blood (and women’s of course) is red. And I believe that Jesus’s blood was also red. HHmmmm seems like we all have something in common here. Does that meen that we were all created equal?? Lilke 2 eyes, 2 ears, one mouth,(to say ignorant things with) I guess the only thing is SIN instead of SKIN. Praise the LORD that he is no respector of persons, but sees us spotless and pure. If we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth (something great coming out of that for once) that Jesus Christ is Lord. GOD BLESS

  3. Jennifer Camacho

    The majority of my friends from work are of a different color than me. They all say when they find out that I am a christian that they new something was different about me. Like me , they are not ashamed to thank God for any blessing that they receive during the day, and they know that I treat everyone as my equal, even thought I am in a supervisors position. I thank the Lord for my sisters in Christ everyday, they are always there for me and bring a smile to my face when my day may be crazy.

  4. Acts 17:26… we are created from 1 blood. Amen, so be it.

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