Women: God’s Gift to Society

Women should be celebrated.  However, in a “man’s world” that’s not always the case.  I believe God when He said in the Bible that women were made as a helpmate for man.  I know there are some fragile men who cannot handle that truth, but nevertheless, it’s true.

Men, where would we be without women?  Nowhere.  We need them.  We have to have them.  That’s why we need to give them the due respect with which they were created. I get so incensed when I hear of men abusing their women by beating or hitting them.  Let me say this, there is absolutely no reason, no reason why a man should hit a women.  Verbal abuse is about a man who has to bring a woman down to his level of fear and insecurity.

Women are here for society as a gift from God.  They are beautiful creatures of His handiwork.  They are the loveliest species every imagined.  God in his awesomeness designed a creation that has so much inner strength and yet so many delicate ways.  Only He could do that. I would have loved to have been in the Garden of Eden when Adam saw Eve for the very first time….

I have found in my ministry experience that a woman of man-troubles has transpired because she either had a father/brother who had no understanding or commonsense on how to treat their daughter/sister, or boyfriends/husbands who had low self esteem and treated their girlfriends/wives with a disrespect lower than that slimy stuff a snail leaves behind.  Ladies, I’m sorry that you’ve had the misfortunes of such.

Even in the church, there are men who feel they have to “speak for their wives” or “make decisions for her” and all he’s doing is making himself feel better; more macho, you know all in the name of Christianity. 

I believe the church has to do a better job in teaching children/adolescences and husbands/fathers how to treat women.  At least that would be a start. Pastors have to take the lead in seeing this accomplished; now.

However, there again, the church in the past and some in the present have treated women like second class citizens.  Some won’t let them have a leadership role in the church at all.  Sad.

So what do we do?  We go back to the basics of giving the women the proper position she deserves; a pedestal.  We admire their beauty instead of cheapening it with degrading thoughts.  We open the doors for them once again.  We walk beside them instead of ten feet in front of them.  We are carefully respectful about what we say about them behind their backs in front of other male species.

Women take your place.  We celebrate you!

That’s what I think about it.

DTW – http://www.exaltationchurch.com

(Happy women’s day; Debra and Meredith – I love you)


6 responses to “Women: God’s Gift to Society

  1. Amen brother.

  2. That one made me cry. Very pretty words. Thank you for softening a busy morning…..

  3. I have been blessed with four wonderful men: a father who cared for me more than most fathers care for their sons, an ex-partner who single-handedly built my confidence and shaped my adult self, a husband who practises daily the ‘with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow’ of the marriage ceremony, and a son whose tiny face shows me what unconditional love is. I wish all women would have as much.

  4. Truthfully I was hesitant to read your blog, and only God knows why. In spite of that, the titles alone moved me to read them. Although I have only read 3, they are a great inspiration and something to ponder on daily. Thank You

  5. Hear, hear! One for the Body of Christ, which is made up of more women than men!

  6. All I can say is “Thank you”.

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