Can I Have My Cake and Eat It Too?

My daughter had a special cake (not the one in the picture, gross) delivered (ordered by her great husband) to her over the weekend.  It was from a nationally known cake decorator.   She was so excited to see the people who are on TV and that they were the ones who brought it and not only was she able to meet them and see the cake, but eat it too! 

I started thinking about our ability to receive Jesus as our personal saviour and still be able to keep our same lifestyles, attire and attitudes.  I thought is it possible? Can I receive Him and still be able to have my fun and keep my former way of living?  Is this permissible? Do people really do this?

I was listening to the local radio and heard an advertisement of a church that I know of that is really growing.  I know the main reason for it is that you don’t have to change a thing about yourself except just say you’ve accepted Jesus.  You can look, act and be just as grungy as you’ve always been.  Wow.

When the demoniac of Gadara was touched by Jesus, the Bible says he put on clothes and was in the right frame of mind, sitting at Jesus feet and learning.  All through the new testament, peoples lives are changed; inside and out.  Everything changes about them.  People give testamony about it

There comes a major transformation in a persons’ life from the touch of Jesus that changes everything about us.  Our spirit, soul and body begins a change that is amazing.  You don’t want to hang out anymore with the same people, you don’t want to look the same, you don’t want to smell the same and you don’t want to do the same things you use to do.  You only want to do what God wants you to do with and in your life.  When you are changed on the inside, you want to change the outside. (Can I get a witness?)

Sure, it would be great to know that all I had to do was say I believe in Jesus and continue looking, smelling and acting the same way I was before salvation.  However, a true salvation experience radically changes a man, woman, boy or girl.

No wonder some churches grow on purpose.  Hey come to our church and you can stay in your old perverted, radical and rebellious way.  Here you can have your cake and eat it too!  (cue the circus music)

I don’t think so.

That’s what I think about it!


(You’ve got a little icing on the corner of your mouth…here’s a napkin)


2 responses to “Can I Have My Cake and Eat It Too?

  1. Wow, I am sure that will hit close to home with a few people out there. I am not sure if it is a sense of pride or the acceptance that someone could love you that much to self sacrifice, that changes a persons attitude and self esteem. I have met some “christians” in my life that are truly hateful people, I think they put on the coat before they go into church and take it off the minute they leave. I pray for those people and hope they can find the comfort and joy that comes with knowing Jesus seven days a week.

  2. Pastor, There is a song that I sang in church called “The Old Man Is Dead.” That is what happens when you recieve Jesus into your life. You change!!!! Keep telling what you think because it comes from your heart. And I know your heart is with Jesus. Keep up the blogs. They are not only a blessing but a teaching as well. God Bless!!!!

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