Sex; The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Sometimes it is viewed as a hot potato in the church; or at least Tony Campolo thought so on certain topics contained their in.


Sex – a universal commodity.  Interestingly enough it’s not part of the NASDAQ or on the S & P 500.  Why not?  Surely if you talk to enough people their stock in this is either very high, extremely low, on a bearish run, some bullish and even others have been bankrupt by it. 


There are some who yell, “Sell! Sell! Sell!”  Of course prostitution is the oldest profession around and surely they would watch the markets.  Then there are others who would say, “Buy! Buy! Buy!”   These would be your investors like depressed husbands, cheating wives or curious single men and women just looking to purchase the penny stocks or junk bonds.


There would be those who are living in a depression right now, or so they would tell you.  Some are living in a recession, while some are living on dividends and enjoying life in their partner in marriage (or so they would make you think.)


Men and women have gone to prison because of it; perverting the very sanctity of its purpose.  Unwanted babies have been born as a result of two people who thought they recognized love as a diamond in their life only to discover after the baby was born that it was a glass rock in that ring.  Some have, even after a bout of unfettered passion, decided that this product of their wild night or nights needed to be destroyed and swept under the rug of abortion; hoping that no one discovered their secret act.


Marriages have been ruined by one or the other spouse using it as a weapon and denying the other partner their marriage rights. Others have had to leave home and find the lost commodity elsewhere; because theirs were no where to be found.  Many time the results would end in scarred hearts of hurt, emotionally damaged children or sometimes murder at the hands of the wounded.


Wow, sex, the gift that keeps on giving.  True. To some it gives disease, to some broken hearts, to others a long lasting, satisfying relationship, to some prison time and sadly to many, death.


God’s originally intentions were to be beautiful and glorious times of love between a husband and a wife.  In our era there are still those who have caused the market to soar because of the value of it in their lives.  However, there are those who have cheapened it so much that it is not worth anything.


Interestingly enough, many suffer from a lack of it in their lives.  However, it is so secretive and so personal that you don’t hear anyone giving a prayer request for it in the Wednesday night prayer service or the prayer list in the bulletin.  But you know, it’s something that we need to consider maybe to keep marriages together, prevent spouses from cheating and possibly teenage pregnancies or other disasters; abortion.

I’m glad it’s a gift from God.  Enjoy it often in your marriage.  Celebrate the gift of love from God.  It’s not a weapon; it’s a gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. 


That’s what I think about it.




One response to “Sex; The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  1. Genrally in marriage, sepcifically in Godly marriages, the value of sex is secured and the yield is assured. It can be creative and unitive…as well as procreative.


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