Can We REALLY trust God?


Our nation has a slogan; In God We Trust.  Really?  What does that mean?  How does our nation prove it?  How do make reality of such a collection of four words.


There’s another one; God Bless America. (I still hear Ethel Merman belting it out!)  Now exactly what does that mean?  Does one (in God we trust) have anything to do with the other (God bless America)?


If you go to the local church and ask this question, “Can we really trust God?” I not sure you’ll get the answer you’re looking for.  Now if you ask the question to the local church, “Does God bless?”  I’m sure you’ll get a resounding, yes. 


Why does God bless if He has a questionable reputation for consistency, trustworthiness and character?  By the actions of some, you would think He is not to be taken at His word.


You see, we all love the blessings of God, but when He asks us to prove His character of trustworthiness, some seem to balk and others believe it.


For instance, the Bible says, “God loves a cheerful giver.”  You would think that it says, “God loves a ‘fearful’ giver.  People seem to be this way based on their giving record of contribution to God through the church.  Our nation plays itself out in the local church.  We have become a nation of deserved entitlements and the same goes for the church.  We want the entitlements of God but we don’t want to have to sacrifice more than necessary to receive it.


God asks of His people, no one else, to give ten percent of their income.  Some people are too nervous to do such.  They might make $50,000.00 gross or net and only give about 2-3% of that a year.  They might be strong in other areas such as faithfulness to attendance, giving of their talents during the time they are at church or bringing others to church.  But when it comes to complete trust and obedience of God and His word, they just can’t seem to bring themselves to giving, in this case, at least $5,000.00 a year or possibly a little lower than $100.00 a week.


Now if these same people get sick, have to go to the hospital or whatever, they are the first to call on God for entitlements.  Now God is so great and gracious that He will continue to bless and heal.  But let’s be honest, doesn’t that seem to be taking advantage of His grace and goodness? 


Yes, God can be trusted.  You can take God at His Word.  Ask some of those who have given for years if he can be reliable to what He says.  Go ahead, ask.  It won’t hurt you.  Or maybe you already know the answer and you’re just plan selfish.  But that’s another topic to discuss.


That’s what I think about it.



(Hey, need a calculator?)


One response to “Can We REALLY trust God?

  1. Thank you Father that we are Tithers!!!

    ~i love You Jesus!!!~

    Yes, He can and must be trusted…

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