Relationships; Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Can I just say, “I love the Lord” (slight pause) “not just because I’m a pastor, but because I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, probably like you may have with your brother or your sister, or your best friend?


Let me ask you, are there people out there in Christ’s church who feel a call to disciple the younger generation, the older generation, heck, everybody? Is it a question of mission? Because mission as I understand it isn’t primarily about attraction, it’s about finding, seeking, and discipling.


The thing is, most Christians, regardless of the wonderful motivation behind it, want a program or solution to bring people into their existing church structure.

Well, I think I’ve happened on the solution to attracting people as I was musing on this.

Get out of the church.

That’s right leave.

Because you see, the church isn’t that building no matter how cute, historic, grand, beautiful, or whatever it may be. The building is an incidental. You are the church.

So go out and start taking the church—and the fantastic message of life in Jesus—to people you know.

Just live life in relationship with people, not from your church (gasp, I know).

Live life in relationship with people with no agenda. Share with them what excites you, hopefully Jesus is on the list, if not, perhaps you should start by doing a little soul searching and having a few in depth Jesus-times yourself.

As you share your life with people, including how you live in relationship with Jesus, they might get interested. Or they might not. But at least they won’t be in the very large category of people that don’t know a single Christian.


You need to develop relationships with those in the faith,  especially with the Master.  Without it, we cannot be the person we were created to be; first to Him and then to others.



That’s what I think about it.




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