Please, Don’t Start That Again!

Only two days away from Thanksgiving and that’s really when the commercialized season of Christmas begins.


However, let me request of the merchants – please don’t start that same stuff of “Happy Holidays” or Seasons Greetings again.  Please.


I’m a firm believer that if we’re going to call it Christmas than let’s say, Merry Christmas.  Is that so hard?  I said sort of tongue in cheek last year that since it is a blessed season based on the birth of Jesus Christ that those who chose not to recognize his birth ought not to have the privilege of having a Christmas.  Seems only fair to me.  However, Jesus wouldn’t want it that way would he?


No, Jesus came for people like that who want to be politically correct instead of being truthfully honest about the season. I don’t need to be too overprotective of his birthday, now do I.


Now I really don’t like clichés and whoever coined the phrase, “Jesus is the reason for the season” must have finished off a slice of minced meat pie. It’s not a bad cliché but seriously does in a nutshell say what the purpose of the season is for.


I love the Christmas season.  I grew up in a town called McAdenville, NC.  You ought to Google it and read about it.  It was called Christmas Town, USA.  Mr. William Pharr who owned the town and the textile mill in it, encourage all the towns’ people to decorate and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.  He would even pay for the electric bills for everybody in the month of November and December.  He was serious about the season.  Do you think he would say, Happy Holidays?  I don’t think so.  He realized the birth of the Savior is why we celebrate.


Now I know there will be those who theologically say that Christmas isn’t really the birth of our Savior and I know that.  But you know what?  We should celebrate it anyway and December is just a good as time as any.  In fact I like it better because it’s cold and the possibility of snow is always there.  (I celebrated Christmas in Florida one time and it just didn’t seem right)


So, let’s make sure everybody goes with the flow, gets in the groove and say the proper thing of Merry Christmas.  Not happy Holidays


That’s what I think about it!





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