The Price of Oil is Not Immune From Prayer

I love the price of gas right now and I am so excited about where it is headed.  I know our economy is taking a tremendous hit, but at least this is one good thing coming out of it.


Last summer, God challenged me to get our church to go public and pray for the gas prices to come down.  I told them what God had shared with me and many said let’s go.  So we came to church on that Wednesday night that we had intended to go out.  We all circled up, prayed and then left the church to go to the local WA WA down the street.


Now like David had about 1/3 of his men who didn’t want to go and fight and they just hung out around the river bed, I had some good people in my church who were not willing to go and put themselves in public and allow others to see them pray.


I admitted to my congregation that it wasn’t easy for me.  So that made a lot of them feel better and we pressed on.   Earlier that day, I had faxed a press release to the local TV station and told them of our intentions.  I really hoped they would be there and sure enough they were there when we arrived.  I went into the gas station and told the manager what we were doing and they said to go for it.


We went to the road side on the county’s right of way property in front of the WA WA sign.  I had the people to line up side by side and hold hands and begin to pray and anyone who wanted to pray and lead the people in prayer to go ahead and do so.  Many did.


We had some holding signs up that read; “We’re Praying for Our Gas Prices To Go Down!”  Many cars passed blowing their horns and some yelling, “Amen!” and “Praise the Lord.”  We prayed for about 30 minutes.  After we finished the TV people interviewed me and I told them we were praying for 3 reasons; That the OPEC ministers would change their mind about oil production and increase it, that greedy CEO’s of the major oil companies would begin turning back their profits into helping the prices and that the congress would begin to allow drilling offshore.


After we finished one church member said they believed we needed to do it 6 more times for a total of 7 times.  So, we did.  7 weeks of standing in the hot sun praying.  At one station, one assistant manager said, “You’re wasting your time; the prices are not going down.”  He was also the one that called the police on us.  The police said we were not doing anything wrong and one of them said he was behind us.


Prayer is effective and can do so many things. We’ve seen our gas prices go from over 4.00 a gallon to less than 1.75 a gallon in less than 6 months. 



God is powerful.  He hears his people even in the midst of a terrible economy.  Keep encouraged.  Keep praying. Don’t ever let someone tell you that it’s a waste of time to pray.


Even the gas pumps bow their knees to God.


That’s what I think about.




(fill ‘er up please)


2 responses to “The Price of Oil is Not Immune From Prayer

  1. Amen———–even the gas pumps cry out.
    Was with you all 7 times for prayer and was overjoyed to do it. The prayers of a righteous man availeth much.
    God bring on the next specific thing for us to pray about and put totally in your hands.
    We have not because we did not ask.

    Keep up the GOOD WORK Pastor.

  2. You would think after having read the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead. Christians would believe that anything in Christ is possible. Even the disciples doubted.

    I had a friend of mine who is a follower tell me that we were wasting our time. I want to say I told you so.

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