Freedom; A lifestyle of happiness

I’m not sure if we understand freedom.

Ok, many of you know the verse and the truth will set you free, spoken by Jesus himself.  Having been in the ministry for 30 some years, I’m persuaded that we have more people in oppression than we do walking around in liberty.

We can practice freedom in all areas of our lives – financially, physically, socially mentally and spiritually.

What does that mean to be free?  It means we don’t have to have fears and anxieties about anything in our lives.  It means that we choose to be liberated from offenses and hurts from others.  It means that we can live our lives as God planned them to be and that is in freedom.

At Exaltation Church, I educate our people that freedom is their having the occasion to do whatever they want to for Christ.  I teach them that they don’t have to fear the downward spiral of the financial system.  They don’t have to be outcasts of society, they can fit in wherever they like because they have freedom.

Freedom isn’t being frightened about God punishing you for every terrible thing you do.  It is a fallacy that God is a huge presence ready to strike with force at every wrong turn.  God loves us.  Isn’t it interesting that the Bible says, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”  Freedom isn’t living with your mate in terror as you try to put on a good face in church every Sunday.  Just because this is true for many people in the church, doesn’t mean that it’s right.   Freedom isn’t living for the other person and trying to please them.  These people live in bondage continuously.  Jesus was right when He said that truth will set you free.  When you’re living a lie, you’re in oppression.  Truth always brings independence.

No, freedom is facing your obstacles, troubles and mountains and saying I’m free in Christ and with Him I can do anything.  Freedom says I choose to live a life that is above criticism and enjoy it.  Freedom is not determining your potential by your past.  Freedom is going where you want to go because you can.

Freedom means to become energetic.  Freedom is enviable, Freedom is a choice. 

Freedom is intimidating, but it is also infectious.  Let someone catch your freedom today.

That’s what I think about it.


(I love Barry Manilow singing “Let Freedom Ring!”)


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