Same People Doing the Same Thing

Do you go to church where the same people do they same thing?  Now you’re either exhausted from it or you are indifferent about it because you know you can’t get anywhere with these people or your pastor.

Now I know an abundance of people who gripe and whine about this.  They say the same people do the same thing and I’m weary of it.

Ok, let me help you with some options – you can either depart your church or have a discussion with the pastor and see if something can be done about it. If not then leave.

As pastor of Exaltation church, I decided I had enough of that in the professional ministry.  I said when I begin to pastor I’m using ‘whosoever will.’  Now don’t get me wrong, I qualify people for the work, but I have people all over the place doing what they’ve been called to do.  I’ve seen too many tragedies crop up because of folks being positioned in mistaken places required to do ministry that they know zilch about.

You have a gift. You have a talent.  Why don’t you use it in the church?  You have an occasion to do what is essential for the kingdom of God and to develop your church.  Are you doing it?

Don’t stand around and keep griping about the same people doing the same thing.  Jump in there and if no one lets you, discover a place where your gift will make room for you.

It’s heartbreaking to see people who call themselves servants being self-centered not wanting others to assist them.  They must be descendants of those who wanted to sit beside Jesus at the head of the table.  Yeah, I guess it runs in the family.

Hey, come see me, I’ll see what we can do together for Jesus. 

I like to see people doing work and doing the ministry for God.  Don’t allow others to steal your joy, take your place and do the job for you.  You’ve been called, appointed and anointed, now get out there and do it.

That’s what I think about it.



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