Disenchanted of Church Like I Was?

About five years or so, I had it up to here (imagine taking your right hand and holding it level with your neck) with non-resultant churches so that I accepted the challenge and the call from God to begin pastoring.  Now, I wasn’t one of those who just said, I think I’ll start preaching. (Imagine a brain surgeon doing that; “I think I’ll be a brain surgeon, someone hand me a drill. Any volunteers?”)  No, I went to seminary during the 70’s, worked in small and large churches as associate pastor from 150 to 5,000, so I wasn’t a novice at this.  I was weary of the internal hostility of churches that ran the gamete of firing pastors, running off good people to litigation taking place between pastors and church boards.  I thought this is ridiculous, preposterous and uncalled for.  So I started Exaltation Church. 


These are a group of people right now that are so enamored with the idea of growing a church.


Let me give you several reasons that I have been told why people attend Exaltation Church.


1.      Growing a church from scratch is electrifying.  Who wants a cookie cutter church?

2.      Emblematic irritants are sternly avoided – people being envious of others, distain for leadership, legalism is not taught, the same people doing all the jobs, boring service that includes dull sermons and lifeless music.

3.      The focal point and the vision of the church are understandable; seeking after hurting people and making warriors out of them for Christ.

4.      We not only seek the down and out just because we’re not intimidated by them but out but the up and out because they need hope as well.

5.      Since moving to the new location we’re on the increase quicker than anticipated.

6.      Worship music is exciting, uplifting and done with a standard of excellence with a full band and singers.

7.      Messages are energetic, realistic and heartening.

8.   You are accepted, not shunned.


So, want to help me build a new church?  Come on, there’s plenty of room for you.  We are setting goals to reach people like you and me who just want to enjoy freedom, give and receive love and not be judged.


You are free to use your gifts and talents.  Free to roam, unconfined. 


So, if you’re weary of such stuff like I was, join us and let’s rise up and build together.


Nehemiah 2:20.


That’s what I think about it.


DTW – www.exaltationchurch.com


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