Women Are Not Second Class Christians!





Why Not Use Women?

The last thing my dad said to me before passing away was, “Are You Whacky?”  He was dying of a brain tumor and his speech was so slured that he would say something or asks a question and I had no idea what he was saying so I answered him according to what I thought he was saying.  So then, he finally mustered up all the strength he had, said it as plain as he could, “Are You Whacky?”  I had answered his sensible question with an insensible answer.

Sometimes when I think about churches refusing to use women in leadership, I want to express my feelings thusly; are you whacky?

Many say it’s not Biblical to use women in management. But then again we have to think about the source of those who believe it.  It is the men driven officials of these groups.  I know for a fact that I’ve heard some women who are in the clergy that could preach the socks right off of some pretentious, theologically trained, unbending white collar man preacher.  In fact I enjoyed their homilies much better than a lot of clergymen I had heard.

Why are we so against this?

I’ve heard of silly men who refused to go to churches where the pastor’s wife was part of the senior staff of pastors.  But then again, we have to consider the source and look at the ludicrous lifestyles of those who say these preposterous things.

The Apostle Paul is so cultural when it tells women to keep silent in church.  Women in today’s society have a place in the church.  In God, there is not male or female.

So, women, forge ahead.  Do what God called you or is calling you to do.

Don’t let some legalistic male preacher tell you that God doesn’t want you or need you to do his business.  Just consider the source.

That’s what I think about it.

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3 responses to “Women Are Not Second Class Christians!

  1. Darn right! Amen, Pastor……

  2. Ahem, I mean, you are correct, Father Lord Pastor Timothy.

  3. I am sure that there will always be skeptics regarding women in the leadership role, let us all pray as Christians that they never take office.

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