Some Pastors; The Untouchables

You know, I‘ve ministered in some huge churches.  The largest church I worked in was a church of 5 thousand plus.  The pastor at this church educated me about a lot of things.  One thing he  educated me on was how in touch he was with his employees and parishioners.  In fact, almost everyone in the congregation had his cell phone number, imagine that.


I also have a friend who pastors a large church and he is in touch with his people as well.  In fact, I was amused when we were together how many calls he got from his people.  However, he was gracious and was a good listener when they called.


Then again, there are some pastors that you couldn’t get in contact with if your life depended on it.  They have a reputation for it.  Some say “he never answers his calls” or “he never returns his phone calls”.  What’s up with that?  Cut his cell phone budget or take it away from him.  Come on.


I’ve attended some churches where after the service the pastor or the special guest is whisked away from view as if he were the president of the United States.  They didn’t want anybody to converse with him or to make contact with him.  This is so ostentatious.  There is no good reason why any church pastor should do this to themselves or to their guest speakers.  Give your people a chance to fellowship with you.


I commented to a senior pastor in Nashville one time about his behavior.  He pastors a church of almost 10 thousand people.  I asked him if he had body guards.  He and his associate pastor laughed at me.  Body guards?  Yeah.  They asked why they needed such.  He said, “Son, I’ve been in the ministry 50 some years and I’ve always done the same thing.  I walk down the steps from the pulpit and make my way to the back shaking hands with the people I love.” 


I guess you could say he’s “old school.” 


Some pastor now days have an entourage and body guards like they were Puff Daddy or something.  Maybe we ought to call them Puff Pastor.


Come on pastors, lighten up.  Give you people a chance to communicate with you.  If not, give up your credentials and go work for the secret service, I’m sure they have openings.


That’s what I think about it.




One response to “Some Pastors; The Untouchables

  1. Good thoughts, Tim. John Maxwell reminds us to walk slowly through the crowd — which is exactly what Jesus did. Regarding the pastors who have body guards — what do they do to insure their spirit and soul is guarded, too? Just a thought.

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