Sports; The god of America


Now I’ll let you know up front that I’m a gigantic University of North Carolina fan.  I’ve got it bad.


I was born in Gastonia, NC and have always been a fan of UNC.  Everybody who knows me knows that fact.  In fact my email address is trheelmn.  See I had a choice to go to UNC or seminary and I chose seminary.  But that didn’t take away from the fact that I love UNC.


My family is the same way.  When our children were growing up, we’d take a seat and watch UNC play basketball and eat pizza.  We went to the Dean Smith Center and watched a game and did the same thing there; ate pizza during the game.


Now one day, I was going fanatical over a basketball game.  I remember we were winning by a gigantic margin and about that time, the Holy Spirit arrested my thinking.  He just interrupted my game big time and said to me, “Why is it that you don’t get that energized about Jesus Christ?”  I said, ” WHAT?”  And man it hit me like a ton of bricks.  He was correct.  I without delay started altering my feelings and actions and it balanced me of some excitement about UNC and raised the passion I had in church.


If, at the United Center in Chicago, Michael Jordan is announced, the crowd goes untamed.  They screech, scream, applaud and whatever to make noise.  Now what if after he comes out the announcer says, “Chicago, here is your Jesus Christ.”  Then Jesus comes walking onto the court.  I think it would bring a hush into the arena just like it does on Sunday morning in the average church in America.


We don’t celebrate Jesus Christ the same way we do the Washington Redskins or Virginia Tech or UVA or even UNC.  We don’t jump up, yell and scream in church because of the excitement he brings to our lives.  At Easter we don’t wear JC on the back of our clothes, go to church with painted red faces or see 11 shirtless men in the balcony with the letters JESUS CHRIST painted in red on their chests.  No, sports are our God.


The god of sports moves us more than Jesus Christ.  We reverence the savior of NASCAR, NFL, NBA or MBL.  Or more in particular, we receive Jimmy Johnson as our Lord and Savior or maybe as it was in my case, Dean Smith.


We’ve got to revolutionize this attitude among believers.  Let’s turn our hats around and let’s be Jesus fans first.  Let’s be swollen with pride to be a Christian before we are a Redskins fan or whatever team you’re for.


That’s what I think about it


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