I’m Sick; This is a recording! (please rewind and play)


Did you know it is a fact that stress attacks the body in a way that it tears down our immune system?  Did you know that once that happens we become vulnerable to any kind of illness or infection that is in our general locality?  It’s factual. 


You might say that we all live with a certain amount of pressure; that we’re all bound to get ill every now and then.  While that might be true, it is more in surplus with others.  People who get sick repeatedly are found to be accident-prone and are diagnosed more often with some sort of infection.  Studies show this to be true more often in stress-laden individuals, swallowed up in the complexity of life’s problems, than their counterparts who live the “stress-free” approach to life.


Now I’ve seen people who don’t go to church to be some of the healthiest people living. They run, they walk, they work out, they eat right and they take care of themselves.  They are also people who have found balance in life, and they take care of their personal business.  There are exceptions to this rule, obviously, but there are those in good physical and mental shape nevertheless.


What is it about church people?  In my own observation, Christians seem to be the ones with the majority of sickness, the most troubles and seem to be the most diagnosed as being morbidly obese?  We say we’ve been saved, healed and delivered.  We testify to the fact that Jesus is the burden bearer.  We preach about the body being the temple of the Holy Spirit.  However in all this, we carry our own burdens, which brings stress.  Why?  Our temples need some major work on them, and some of our temples are about to fall because our “human load bearing legs” just can’t hold up all that weight.  We know that tobacco brings with it the stepfather of cancer, yet we can’t break the habit.  So, what are we to do?


I’ll tell you what we do.  We take the easy road.  Shamefully, we turn to deliverance instead of self-discipline.  We turn to healing instead of healthy living.  In doing so, we empower our powerlessness to actually care for ourselves the way the Word teaches us.  We give a name to our lethargy and our lack of wanting to do anything about it.  We wallow in weakness.  We live the label of laziness.


Your failure to deal with and abolish stress with the help of Jesus Christ is going to give you a life span of bad health and illness.


We stress out, and we eat too much.  We worry, and we eat fried chicken.  Stop!  Stop!  Stop.  Take charge of yourself.  It is time we started making the “righteous bird” stress more than we do and make him feel like nobody wants him (especially with a coat of Crisco; lined with flour.) 


We like him more with a tan and grilled to perfection.


That’s what I think about it.


DTW – www.exaltationchurch.com


(it’s finger lickin’ good)


2 responses to “I’m Sick; This is a recording! (please rewind and play)

  1. I smiled big reading this post, having taught some of the same things. Sic ’em! (pun intended…)

  2. You are so so right! Today shopping I was very tired and hungry so I stopped for a Whopper w/fries. As a diabetic it was a no, no. God knows we are weak and forgives anyhow. Hallelujah!

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