What Are You Doing This Sunday; December 14?

celebrating-editOk, what do you have planned for this coming Sunday?  Going out of town?  Staying home?  Playing Golf?  Going to a football game?  Working in the yard?


Let me give you another choice.  How about coming to my church on this Sunday?  Now you ask, “Why should I be present at your church this Sunday?”  It’s because you’re going to hear something like you’ve never hear before.  I never preach re-runs it’s always new.  My worship leader always has great music with several great singers in between, along with the band, and you would meet some great people.


Now you’re either listening to my blog here on 89.7 FM in Richmond on AFR or you’re reading my written blog at www.whatithinkaboutit.wordpress.com.  Either way, I’ve captured your attention.  You might be a habitual listener.  You’ve already determined that what I say is either exceptional, not the average, down to earth or not what you would expect out of a minister.  I totally agree with you and I diagram it that way.


Another reason you should consider attending is that you most likely are like millions in our country who go to church and don’t like it and you feel like you’re in a catch 22 situation.  You want to disappear but don’t know where to go.  You want to find something better but don’t know where to look.  Quit looking. 


I guarantee you that you would enjoy what you will hear, feel and see at Exaltation Church.  We are at 1813 Gildenborough Court in Midlothian, VA for a short time.  We’re in the process of purchasing property, even talking to some people who are thinking about donating the property.  We are going to build our church somewhere in the Salisbury Community area.  Do you understand that there are only two churches in Salisbury?  We want to be the third. 


Ok, here’s the arrangement.  You need to help me by coming to church this Sunday and assist me in reach at least 200 people.  Would you be one of the 200 who would attend the 10:30AM service?  I would love to see you there.  Call me at 804-378-6095 and tell me you’re coming. I’ll give you more details.


What about that.  A minister getting on the radio or writing a want ad blog asking for people to help him reach the 200 mark this Sunday.  Let’s do it!  Let’s make it happen.  What do you say?


That’s what I think about it.


DTW – www.exalationchurch.com


One response to “What Are You Doing This Sunday; December 14?

  1. I’ll be there. When we get to 200 people you might have to do like 3 services a day until we move. Amen

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