Traditional Versus Contemporary


We are so spoiled as Christians. Amen, Brother

You drive to church in your bumper-sticker clad and religious license plate car. If you’re of the “elite denominations” it’s either a Prius or some eco-friendly, easy on the gas and no pollution because I believe in God’s green earth. Or, if you’re Pentecostal or Charismatic you’re driving a trick out Lexus, Mercedes Benz or Cadillac because God wants you to have the best, or a fixer upper that has been fixed up more times than the cars worth, that gives the resemblance of a James Bond automobile with all the smoke coming out the back and a bumper sticker that reads, “God Prospers Me.” Maybe you’re a Baptist and are driving a Ford, Chevrolet or Oldsmobile because you know your reward is not here but in Heaven. Come on now, preach it.

What ever the case may be, we’re all spoiled by our cars that we drive.

We go to the choice of our church according to our preference. If we want to have “church” we go to the biggest Pentecostal or Charismatic church in town. Should our choice be a little laid back we look for the sign that advertises two kinds of church; traditional or contemporary? Now if I wasn’t a church attendee, I’d have to ask the question what is the difference.

This is probably what I would hear.

In the traditional service the music is not loud, it’s not fast, we don’t read the words on the wall, we hold a hymn book in our hand and the sermon is not exciting or enthusiastic, it’s just targeted toward making me a better Bible student. It might just even be a denominationally scheduled homily that all the clergy use for that particular Sunday. In this service you usually wear suits and ties. You know that’s right, preacher!

In the contemporary service the music is loud, it’s fast  for a while, then it slows down, then it speeds up, then we repeat it several times, we raise our hands, we might dance a little and this might go on for about 40 minutes. We don’t use the hymnbook because it gets in our way of worshipping.  The preacher preaches an exciting positive message that causes me to feel good about myself. I can feel comfortable in this service because I can wear my jeans and tee-shirt.

Yeah even in our style of worship we’re spoiled. We’ve become like Burger King, we can have it our way. If we don’t we can find something that will suit our fancy.  Alright now!

Here’s the reason churches do it. Whatever it takes to bring more people in we’ll do it. Churches have gone the way of pleasing people instead of pleasing the Master.

So, have it your way.

Good morning, sir. May I please seat you? Traditional or Contemporary?  Suits or Jeans?  Hymns or choruses?  Chairs or pews?  KJV or NIV?  Air conditioning or window seat?  Feel good or step on your toes sermon?  Speaking in English or in tongues?  The list goes on and on.

When will it ever end? (Now you’ve gone to meddlin’ preacher)

Our services are contemporary.  I like that.

That’s what I think about it.



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