Fear:The Lifestyle of the 21st Century


Fear is something that most people encounter several times a day. There are a myriad of fears.  It could be fear of their spouse, fear of their boss, fear of their economic status, fear of their future or fear of something else.

Fear is controlling, and fear is binding.

Of what are you fearful?

How are you dealing with it?  How are you coping?

Do you fear losing your job?  Do you fear not having enough money?

I’m so grateful that I got beyond fear and moved into freedom.  It’s a freedom that many have never experienced.  It’s a luxury that even the wealthiest of the wealthiest would love to purchase.  News flash: “It’s not a commodity that can be bought.  It is a freedom that has to be received.”

Now, I know many people who hear or read my blogs know that this freedom exists but you’ve never obtained or received it.  You know all the verses in the Bible.  You’ve heard all the sermons by Joyce Myers, David Jeremiah, Kenneth Copeland or others, and you’re still stymied by the fact that you are fearful.  You want so bad to be rid of this.

You might be fearful for others.  You might worry more about them than for yourself.  There could be inner fears that nobody knows about but you, and you wish to God you could get beyond it.

Ok listen, there is hope.  However, your hope lies in a choice.  You must decide to, once and for all, walk through the veil of faith into the land of the free; the real home of the brave.

I must warn you, this choice is not a comfortable or easy one because the closer you get to leaving your fear behind, the more fearful you’ll become, and then it will be over.  I understand they were testing an airplane, for the first time, that had the ability to break the sound barrier.  It has been said that right before they reached the desired speed, the airplane would shake violently.  As a side effect to the violent shaking, their vision would become so blurred that they couldn’t read the instrumentals, and fear would overcome them so much that they would back out of the speed, and the plane would settle down.  However, one determined pilot decided to press on into Mach I.  What they discovered is that as soon as they broke through that barrier, the plane flew like it was on glass. Everything was smooth as silk.  It just took “courage” to break through that barrier.

Go on, go for it.  Walk through your fear into the land of courage. Whatever makes you afraid, face it and leave it behind, and never be afraid again.

I’ve done it so many times.  I know it works…I promise.

So quit being fearful.  Right now!  Make a choice to get over it.  Walk through that faith barrier; fly though that faith barrier.  Either way, I dare you.

That’s what I think about it.

DTW – www.exaltationchurch.com


One response to “Fear:The Lifestyle of the 21st Century

  1. I once saw a bumper sticker that I turned into a sermon based on Lamentations 3:22-23. The sticker said, “Life is hard. Misery is an option.” There is ALWAYS a choice.

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