If This Were a 2 minute Ad…


I know it’s not, but work with me here, if it was-what would I be able to tell you in 2 minutes about Exaltation Church?

Well for openers, I’d tell you that we have a plan to start a new church in the Salisbury community in Midlothian, VA. And you might say, “Why?” And I’d say, “well, we have to reach out to those who are down and out, and contrarily, we want to reach those who are up and out as well.” Answer this question for me, “Why are most churches reluctant to reach out to the wealthy?” I’ll tell you why, because they are panic-stricken by people who have more than them.

Stop, stop, stop. That shouldn’t be a reason why we don’t warm up to them. Of course they have nicer homes. Sure they have more money and wealth. Maybe they drive nicer cars than yours or mine but these are not good enough reasons to turn away from them and not share the gospel.

Now believe me, there are plenty of people who call themselves Christians that couldn’t walk the streets of homes that cost $800,000.00 and much more and share the gospel because they don’t have the guts. But these same people can go to the slums, to the projects, to the down and out and smile and say, “Jesus loves you,” not because they need it-but because we feel we are better than these people, and sadly, we are not intimidated by them. You know that’s the truth.

We preach and believe in the blessing of God but we fear those who have been “blessed greater” than us. We shy away from the country club people. Jesus wouldn’t (and didn’t) do that.

Another thing I would say to you in the 2 minute commercial about Exaltation Church is that people tell me all the time that they wish more people could hear about the constant stream of excitement that goes on here. The people that attend here often say, “I’ve never seen a church like this! It’s edgy! It’s out of the box, and it’s so warm and friendly!” People love going here.

I’ll tell you something, the more people hear about it and the more people visit Exaltation Church, the faster this thing is going to grow and more and more people are going to be reached for Jesus; literally.

Now the time is about out for a two minute commercial. But if I had the opportunity to do a two minute commercial, that’s about what I would say.

That’s what I think about it.

DTW – http://www.exaltationchurch.com


4 responses to “If This Were a 2 minute Ad…

  1. Right on Timothy! There is no classism in Christianity, there can’t be. We are all created equally in His image and once you strip away the stuff, the money, and the titles there is nothing more than a human being in need of Christ’s saving power and grace. Nobody is better than you, nor you than them in the eyes of the Lord. If our goal is to perfect ourselves in Christ, then we should open our eyes and see as He sees, adoring all in His view, beyond the stuff or lack there of.

    Oh, and by the way, due to recent cutbacks, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

  2. So grab your Christian flashlight and light the way for others regardles of their status. See you at Exhaltation.

  3. What I think about it?? I think the sad theory is that those who were able to rise to that level may have done it without Gods help and for that mater they do not need church or Christianity in their lives. I am thankful everyday for seeing through the dark and into the light in that matter when it personally affected my family years ago. It was God that brought us through the darkness and has provided so much more in our lives since finding your church. I think rich people have so much more to lose than those that are less fortunate.

  4. When people have provided for themselves everything they need, it is hard to convince them they still need a Savior. This makes them a very needy but difficult culture to evangelize. Their need to overcome loneliness, purposelessness, bitterness, etc. remains the same, regardless of the income. Its a tough field. Blessings on you for going there.

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