I Love People!


I grew up in a small town in North Carolina. It only had a population of 800 people. We all got to know each other in a very detailed way. There were the Rumfelts, the Pooles, the Brittans, the Rayfields and of course the Jones. We never had to keep up with them. Everybody loved going to the fourth of July activities. It was there that we had a corporate get together with everyone. Yes McAdenville, NC (http://www.mcadenville-christmastown.com) was a wonderful place.

I like Richmond and Midlothian, VA.  This is a great place to be. People are somewhat friendly and likeable.

I’m a people person.  I’m the kind that likes to go Christmas shopping on the 24 of December and rub shoulders with the entire crowd.  I’m patient.  I like the atmosphere of Christmas and being with the masses.

I guess that’s why being a pastor has been easy.  I’ve always given myself to people.  I like a lot of people around me.  How about you? Are you that way?

Now, there are some people that I’ve gotten to know in my life that I’m glad I did.  I sang at Jerry Falwell’s’ church, handled the International Childrens choir for the 30th anniversary of Pat Roberson’s CBN, have become friends with Larnelle Harris, Don Moen and Ron Kenoly.  In fact, I did the mass choir for Ron’s Sing Out tour. I enjoy conversing with Barry Black and Alan Kieran of the Chaplain’s office of the Senate and, of course, have become great friends with Jim Cernero, worship leader for Benny Hinn.  I just love my friends.

Are there people you’d like to get to meet?  I would.  I remember meeting and sitting and talking for an hour with Sen. Ted Kennedy. Now it doesn’t matter what you think of him, he’s still a piece of history.  Yeah there are people I’d like to meet.

I’d like to meet Governor Kaine.  I’ve always seen him as a nice and congenial man.  He handled the Virginia Tech shooting, I thought, very well and very caring.

I’d like to meet the wealthiest man in Virginia and just pick his brain and find out his secrets and his unfulfilled desires.  I think that would be interesting.

To sit down with one of the judges of the Supreme Court and to learn of their interest in law and what their lifestyles are like now that they are judges would be of great interest.

However, in all of this, I’m looking forward one day to sitting down and talking to Jesus Christ.  It will be very interesting to learn about the history of the universe and how He felt about the events that went on during time.

One day, I hope to meet you. How about it?

That’s what I think about it.

DTW- http://www.exaltationchurch.com


One response to “I Love People!

  1. Good Morning Dwight…It is great reading your messeges…They bring great hope on a daily basis…I hope you and your family have a very Merry CHRISTMAS..Thanks again for all your prayers….Lyle Sturgis

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