Making An Impact; Mentally


Christians need to be making an impact in our country in five areas; physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and financially.

I’ve never known of a time where people are so medicated because of mental conditions.

We as Christians have got to make an impact on our culture in this area.

In a world where many Christians are view as being schizophrenic or delusional, we’ve got to get to the place where we are complimented because of our mental capability instead of criticized for it.

We ought to have some of the smartest and most brilliant people on the planet.

Christ ought to be praised because of the mental accomplishments of people.  He taught us to be wise not stupid.

The Bible teaches us to do all to the glory of God, not just get by.

We cannot be poster children of the dumb, lazy and unlearned.

Even in the pulpits some pastors show their ignorance by not sufficiently studying or having educational qualifications needed for intelligent leadership.  (I’ve actually heard some brag on their lack there of)

Our society should have men and women who excel in life because of Christianity and their relationship to Jesus Christ.

Our schools of higher education should have students who are Rhodes scholars and honor students who purposefully strive for mental success as a result of being a follower of Jesus Christ.

If we’re going to make an impact on our world we’ve got to make it a point to be the best academically as we possibly can be for the cause of Christ.

Let’s make an impact on those around us by being more mentally alert, astute and aware.

Christian doctors, lawyers, financial investors, senators and such will be more able to reach men and women and boys and girls for Jesus than most would.

What are we waiting on?

Let’s make a mental impact.

That’s what I think about it.



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