Perception is Everything

What is it about Christians?

“I are one”, as someone once said. I can talk intelligently and lovingly about my own kind and that’s what I’m going to do.

When I read the life of Jesus, it’s not quite as accurate as the way my Sunday school teachers taught it when I was growing up.  No, I have found he was more a revolutionary than a Santa Claus type.

He was one who meant business, loved the human race and wanted the religious group to tone it down a bit.

That’s what so interesting about Jesus life is that the group that gave him the hardest time in his life was the religious crowd.

I know a few like that.

You know as a pastor, I try to compel and persuade folks to come to church, learn about Jesus Christ and become a follower of him.

However many times I run into opposition based on their past dealings with Christians or their perception of Christianity by the testimony of the people they know.

If we’re going to win others to Jesus Christ we’ve got to do a better job with the image we present.

I mean why is it that church can be the most boring place to go and yet we still go?  Pastors must do a better job in keeping the workings and life of Christ more vibrant than they do.  Someone said that preaching is just the gospel being strained through the personality of the presenter.  So, if you can’t make your sermons more interesting and compelling, maybe you should find something else to do.  Let’s make it more exciting for people.

Or how about the 350 pounder religious zealot who preaches that smoking is wrong.  I think there is something wrong about that picture.

Now you have the person who is the biggest gossip in the church who condemns anyone who drinks a glass of alcohol.  I think Jesus said something about removing the 2X4 out of your own eye before you try to remove the splinter out of the other persons’ eye.

Let’s do a better job folks.

That’s what I think about it.


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