YOU Give Them Permission To Frustrate You



Yes, YOU give them permission. By your actions and by your words you say, “Go ahead, frustrate me to no end, I love it.”

Now grant it, you don’t like it, but they don know it. Sometimes you’ve even thought that YOU had patience with people.  Quit fooling yourself, it’s not patience, it’s endurance.

Many days you are so weary, not from what you do in life, but because you’ve allowed others to inflict verbal pain on you. You not only get frustrated with them, you get frustrated with yourself because you let them do it to you.

You wish they wouldn’t.  Your feelings get hurt when they do it, especially the people you love the most.  You would think they would know how you feel.

Now let me share some powerful information with you.  Are you listening? Are you paying attention?  Now look at me.

Stop giving them permission!

Quit allowing them to do this to you.  The Bible says that patience is a fruit of the Spirit.  But what you’re doing is trying to grow a fruit but you kill it with your disdain for those who frustrate you.

It is perfectly fine to say to someone, “It is my preference that you not talk to me that way.”  Now I hear you.  You say, “But I have to be nice or I’ll be fired from my job or I’ll lose my marriage.”  Who said anything about being mean or ugly?  Do it with a smile.  You have a right to say to others exactly how you feel about them frustrating you.

The more you do it, the easier it will get.  Tell them just like you tell them it’s a beautiful day or isn’t this great weather.

Try it, go ahead.  I dare you.  You’ll find out that you’ll be happier and others will respect you more.

Now quit giving permission to others to frustrate you and start enjoying your life.

That’s what I think about it


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