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Busyness Can Ruin Your Reputation

busy1I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. I’ve been so busy.

I’m sorry I haven’t made that payment. I’ve been so busy.

Honey, I’m sorry we haven’t had time for one another. You know how busy I’ve been.

Son, dad can’t do it this weekend, he’s got a very busy schedule.

Who has time for church? That’s my only day to sleep in. I’m a busy person.

Yeah, we’ll have lunch. I’ll call you when I get the chance. I’ve been so busy.

Well, we both know how busy the pastor has been lately. We can forgive him for that lousy sermon.

Divorce? What do you mean, “I’ve been so busy that I haven’t spent time with you?”

I’ll do that one day. I’ve been as busy as a one arm paper hanger on a windy day.

Yeah, mom, we’ll bring the kids and see you when I get the chance. We’ve been so busy at church and stuff.

Yes, I have been seeing her. And you want to know why? Because that career of yours, you’ve not spent one evening with me. You keep telling me how busy you are.

I know you’ve been working long hours. I know you have to have both of those jobs, but can’t you slow down? You’re all the time busy.

If I would have taken time to look at that stupid bank account, I wouldn’t have been overdrawn. I’ve got to slow down. I’m too busy.

I know I should have emailed you earlier. But you just don’t know how many emails a day I get. Forgive me for being too busy.

I’m sorry….

Forgive me…

Excuse me, but…

I know, but you’ve got to understand how busy I am.

These are the expressions of someone whose reputation is either dying or dead.

That’s what I think about it.



Cursing; A Joy For Some, An Offense For Others


“Pardon my French,” he said, after using his pet curse words in my presence. However, I proceeded to inform him, that the words he was choosing to accentuate his emotions were not part of the French language, contrary to popular belief.

A man (who proudly speaks of himself as being religious) I spoke with recently had two pet words. He used them in almost every sentence. I wanted to say to him that if I don’t preach to these people then they will be dammed and possibly go to hell. (Read between the lines please.)

At some work places you can use almost all the curse words you choose in your conversations. However, try typing those same words to an employee in an email and they get flagged. Talk about inconsistency and irony?

Remember when our Vice-President Cheney told another member of the senate to go have marital relations by himself communicating the same with a couple of choice words? Wow, that got a lot of media attention! The majority of Americans just laughed and some even applauded the VP.

Then, as Christians, there are words that we make room for in our vocabulary. Except we’ve send them through the Christian-izer to be cleaned up. We substitute ‘shoot’ for a very, very common curse word. How about ‘flop?’ Now that one is really cleaned up. I’ve heard the word ‘dog-it’ used. Go figure. My mom would never let me use the word ‘durn.’ I’ve even got a friend who jokingly says, “Son of a bee’s wax.” But, hey, he’s still a great guy.

We excuse a lot of this salty language when it is not directed at us. We laugh when it’s used in a joking manner. We give a good guffaw when a joke is told using it. (Hey, that joke wouldn’t be funny without it, now would it?) If it’s used on TV we just think it’s normal and acceptable.

We even use the 2nd class language as believers to make people feel we’re “with it.” By using these words we try to get others accept us and assure them that we’re not at all religious. No, we’d rather use those curse or vulgar words because that’s typical with the crowd in which we run. And we wouldn’t want to offend them, now would we?

I even heard a very well know preacher from Atlanta on TV the other night preach about being in a third world country and he jokingly said, “It was hot as hell.” But that’s ok, it’s just slang, we can accept that, now can’t we? He got a lot of laughs. I doubt that Billy Graham would say that or even the President use that in a speech.

You can choose to use those words and look appear like you’ve never been educated or you can choose to clean up your vocabulary and use words that are acceptable in any situation. It’s your choice.

I believe Jesus said something about ‘idle words’ and coarse language.

That’s what I think about it.


Rodney Dangerfield and God; They Both Get No Respect!

rodney_dangerfieldRemember the comedian, Rodney Dangerfield? I really liked him. He’d always wear the dark suits, white shirts and thin red ties. He would keep the top button unbuttoned and his tie loose and when he would tell a joke, he’d pull at his collar and say, “I get no respect.”

I was thinking about that recently in light of how God is treated not so much by those who are not acquainted with him or know His son on a first name basis, (although they use both God’s name and Jesus Christ in an angry manner and they don’t even know Them) but by those who call themselves Christians or believers.

Those are the ones that I speak of.

For example, our very President, Obama, just last week signed into a law allowing funds to leave America to abolish and eliminate God’s creations found in another of God’s creations to be destroyed but by the same token will punish a pedophile. Can you believe it? I mean He gave Biden the evil eye last week for making fun of Judge Roberts. Why, because he respects Judge Roberts. But God? He gets no respect and Obama proclaims to be a Christian. I think.

How about a person who again considers themselves a Christian, by all manner of means, and yet vehemently say they only have one day a week of which they get to sleep in and rest. I’m glad God is merciful. He could say, “Look, you don’t want to attend My house and be with My family on Sundays’ because you want to rest? I’ll make it easy for you. Next time you rest on Sunday morning, I’ll make sure you keep your eyes closed for the rest of your life. Then the next time you open them, you’ll be looking right at Me.” Whoa! He gets no respect from even them.

Or say, people who go to church, call themselves believers and act like it’s ok to do what they do. Some are guilty of libel and slander, saying God created them gay. Some are guilty of fraud. At church they want people to think they are one way when at home they are another. Some are guilty of stealing by keeping from God that which is rightfully His. It’s a good thing that these religious crimes aren’t punishable by human law. Talk about over crowded jails? He gets no respect even from them.

The best one is those who believe God places diseases on people. I mean I hear people say that God gave them cancer, or caused an accident, or gave them a messed up body. Are you kidding me? If someone in America who has HIV and spits on another person, it is considered a crime. If God does do what many believers say He does, then He too is a criminal and should be put in jail. No respect. He doesn’t get respect.

So Rodney, take heart. You have good company. You and God get no respect.

That’s what I think about it.


Praise the Lord for the Band – FOREIGNER!

foreigner1Now before you get all spiritual on me, hear me out!

Last night for about an hour, I watched a fantastic concert with the band “Foreigner” on PBS in clear high definition color with brilliantly stage lighting with computerized effects, perfected sound (I’m sure they cleaned it all up in the studio later) and high energy!

Watching it on my fifty-two inch plasma screen television with my blaring surround sound speakers (of course Debra had to turn it down once or twice so as to not disturb the neighbors) made it all the worthwhile and almost making me feel I was there.

Kelly Hansen’s vocals were out of sight as well as the picking of the guitar by the bands’ founder, Mick Jones.

Why praise the Lord?

As I watched the excitement and felt the power of the music, I thought, Lord, this is what churches are looking for to praise and worship You. (Debra tells me that I can find about anything that relates to God in anything we watch.)

Can you imagine going to church every Sunday knowing it’s going to be the very best in music, worship and teaching/preaching? That will be so great.

Can you see yourself being a part of that? Can you envision yourself being caught up in giving God glory and praise and leave church so very anxious to come back. That will be so great.

We’re not going to impact the world with just a pipe organ or an out of tune spinet piano. We’re not going to change lives with sermons that are read or sent from headquarters from someone sitting behind a computer who knows nothing about your church, your people or your community. You can forget about that, it doesn’t work.

You know what’s sad? We have westernized church. We go to church expecting to view it like we do sitting down to watch television. Why I guarantee you there would be those who if they could have a remote control for the sound; they would jump at the chance. Now, I’m not advocating loud, I’m advocating exciting and enthusiasm.

We come to church, sit down and wait for someone to “turn it on for us.” Then we watch all the activities someone has planned for us. We listen to someone as they sing to us. We sit as we let someone serve us with the offering plate. Finally the sermon begins and ends. OK, the program is over now; we can “turn it off” and go home.

We want church to be comfortable. Bottom line.

Not me. I want the Spirit of God to move me. I want the sermon, as pastor, to move me before you hear it. I want it to be a part of me that I give out to you. If I’m not enthusiastic about it, I know you won’t.  Yes, church should be compelling not repelling.

Maybe I’m just different.

Praise the Lord for Foreigner getting me all pumped up about church.

That’s what I think about it.


Glenn Beck; A Dangerous Man

glennbeck-09162006-picturecnn2Now, I don’t mean he’s a dangerous man in the sense of the word as it pertains to bodily harm.  No, I mean in the sense of getting into your head and heart.

On the surface, he seems to be a loveable, adorable guy who has the country at heart.

That’s the dangerous part.

Glenn comes from a family with a history of suicides.  His mother (when Glenn was13) and his brother-in-law both took their own lives.

Beck, being a former alcoholic and drug addict, took a super-glue liking to the Mormon faith.

This is where his danger lurks.

Beck disguises many of his cult-like religious beliefs in cloaks of dialogue concerning various issues.

Anyone familiar with the Mormon faith knows they are not recognized as Christians because of their denial of Jesus Christ as being a part of the trinity and thus denying his deity.  They just believe that Jesus Christ was a good man.  A good man?  Jesus said He was God.  Glenn Beck and Mormons cannot view Jesus as a good man; they have to view Him as a liar.

However, one listening to Beck would make one think that he is such a close follower of the Christian faith and its beliefs.

However, the Christian faith offers hope and joy while Beck is a fear monger and a carrier of the negative flag of life.

Even as recent as this morning, Beck stated that 90% of Americans believe in God and so does he.  However, 80% of those who believe in God are Christians.  Beck is not one of those.

He also said that when we stand before God that we will be held in judgment of how we took care of our country.  Really?  Glenn, that must be found some where in the Book of Mormon; another testament of Jesus Christ.

So the next time you listen to Beck, remember that Joseph Smith and Salt Lake City are dear to his heart.  Listen too how he seldom has anything good to say about life and the future.

Hey Beck, Jesus Christ is the hope of the world.  I pray someday you’ll meet him here on this earth before you meet Him later.

I bet he doesn’t even drink coffee.

That’s what I think about it.


Is Obama the Last President For America?

barack_obama1I can’t help but wonder, realizing that we are in the last of the last days, if Obama will be the last president that America will ever elect.

Chilling thought to some I’m sure.

However, should that be true, believers will not be around to find out. No, we will have been raptured and out of here. Hasta la vista, baby!

Wow, what a thought. It could certainly become a reality.

When you look at the facts of Obama and how he is worshipped, yeah, worshipped by 70% of Americans and people around the world, he can do no wrong.

He was born of an African American father, Barack Hussein Obama (born in Kenya) and a Caucasian mother, Ann Stanly Dunham (born in Kansas). So both whites and blacks can appreciate his parental background.  Both groups can claim him as their own. How much better can it be to be accepted by all races from all around the world? Even the news showed how the Kenyans were excited about today. When was the last time they got excited about any president that America had elected.  Why should they?

He came out of the gates very quickly. He was only a US senator for three years before being elected to the Presidency of the United States. We’ve only known him on the national stage since the DNC used him for a speech in 2004. That was his upstart to where he is today. Now four years later, he’s the man. Think about it; four years later. Are there executives that climb the ladder that quickly in major corporations in that short of time?

Yeah, he fits the bill for world diplomacy. When he was giving speeches in Europe last summer, one would have thought he was running for president of the world. They love him there.

He’s a suitor.

Can he bring peace to the world? At least 3 and ½ years of it?

And how is he going to explain away all those millions of people who have disappeared from this earth, assuming of course that he is not a Christian. I don’t know about that. The jury is still out on that one. I’m not his judge.

If he is the last president, he has a lot more problems ahead of him than just the economy, the Iranians, Israel, Gaza and Iraq.

Can you say….tribulation?

That’s what I think about it.


A Church Building With A Dance Floor?

Musical Concert - Christian - clappingPastor, are you crazy? Nope, absolutely not. I’m more excited.

I’ve never heard of such! Neither have I until now.

You know, we speak about joy and excitement in our churches and that’s great. We want people to come to church use their spiritual and physical energies in praise and worship by lifting of hands, dancing, swaying or kneeling. But I have found there is a problem here.

We build our churches in the opposite extreme. It’s time we do something about that and I along with others plan on doing something about that.

We put pews and chairs so close to each other that there is no room for any of this during the praise and worship time. Our people can’t do what they would want to do when it comes time to fully expressing themselves to the Lord during the worship time.

David danced before the Lord. Others waved their hands and arms during worship. Many more knelt in worship. I want to see people have the physical freedom to do all this. Can you imagine a church with a large stage for the band and singers? Comfortable chairs on three sides with cup holders and a small flexible light so one could see their Bible?

Then in the middle is a huge open floor that where when the music starts people begin leaving their chairs and come into the open space called the dance or praise floor. This is where they can have enough room to do whatever they feel during the praise and worship time. Not everyone has to go there to worship, but at least you give them a place to do it. Lighting enhancement will make it even more conducive to praise and worship that will motivate and encourage a complete experience.

Then after praise and worship they will return to their seats and a round platform will be positioned to the middle of the floor where the preaching/teaching will take place “in the round.”

My worship leader sent me a video of a T-Mobile ad that was made in England. As I watched it, I said, “yes, that’s it.” It is exactly what I see people doing on the dance floor in my church. Wow!

Here’s the link;

I can see it. I know it can happen. I want to make it happen.

Exaltation Arena? That’s cool! That’s just God.

That’s what I think about it.