The Right To Say NO!

noI can’t say that?  Why not?  When did you learn to say it?  When did you unlearn not to say it?

Somewhere along the line, somebody told you in no uncertain terms that you cannot say that word any more. So what did you do?  You ripped it right out of your dictionary and now you have no clue what that word means anymore.

You’re going through life asking yourself the question,  “Why did I do that?”  Let me help you here.  It’s because you couldn’t say no.

I know how you feel.  I’ve been there, done that.

Losing that little two letter word wore me out.  I was like Jim Carey in the movie “Yes Man” saying yes to everything.

Someone needed a volunteer, I did it.  Someone need a contribution, I gave it.  Someone needed someone to help them move, I helped them.

It literally caused me to book my schedule to the hilt because of losing the ability to say no.

You want to know what happened.  I found my freedom again to say no.

No, I’m sorry I can’t.  No, I have something scheduled.  No, I plan to enjoy my life now, sorry.  No, I plan to be happy now.

I use to have a sermon I preached to my choir about saying no.  I wanted them to quit doing 10 billion jobs in the church and just concentrate on choir or say no to choir and leave.  They were spreading themselves to thin.  Sounds like you huh?

Your testimony is at stake when you say yes all the time.  Better work on that no word.

Say it with me.  No.  Say it again.  No.  Say it one more time.  No.

Take a deep breath.  Now doesn’t that feel good?  Now go practice it on someone.  You can do it.

You’ll find that life will be more enjoyable and your relationships with others will greatly improve.

Yes, they will.

That’s what I think about it.



2 responses to “The Right To Say NO!

  1. I second that with an enormous, “Amen!”

  2. I second that……

    Hallelujah. Let’s all get free, and get free some more….

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