Why Can’t You Do Just That?



A friend of mine posed an interesting question to me the other day and I want to see what you think about it.

You can do anything you want to, go anywhere you want to, be anything you want to, but the problem is, you just don’t.  Why can’t you do just that?

Because you just don’t think you possibly can.  It’s either you thinking that you don’t believe you can.  It could be your spouse saying that you can’t.  Maybe it’s the way you were brought up, being taught not to aspire to such lofty thinking.

To all that I say to you: drop all that thinking in the next garbage can you walk or drive by.

You have everything within you that will help you soar beyond your wildest dreams.  When you walk in freedom of not only your country, but in your spirit, soul and body there is no limit to what you can do.

Do you think Jesus meant it when He said “I came to give you life”?  Do you think He was emphatic when he used the word abundant in front of the word life; abundant life?

Listen to me.  The word abundant means providing a more than plentiful supply of something; that’s the kind of life Jesus wanted us to live and enjoy.

Don’t walk anymore in bondage of life.

I’m looking for a “freed up” people.  Most people THINK that they are freed up.  Not.

You need to help me continue to make a change in people’s lives and bring freedom to them.  It’s the democracy of religion.  Together we will hold the great tea party of religion and rebel against those and anything that wants to have tyranny over us and keep us in bondage.

Together we will enforce the great emancipation of proclamation, the cross of Jesus Christ.

Together we will bring freedom to those in bondage declaring the declaration of independence; The Bible, the word of God

Together, we will lead them to the greatest freedom fighter of them all, Jesus Christ!

Be free today.  Live free today.  Stay free and don’t go back again to the yoke of bondage.

That’s what I think about it.



One response to “Why Can’t You Do Just That?

  1. Wow, hey, I could not agree more, Pastor. I had a friend who said that same thing to me…..

    Now, instead of talking about it, let us go out and practice it. Better yet, let us go out and LIVE IT. There is no magic formula, no prescribed pill, no counseling classes, or best selling book to help you find freedom. It requires one thing and one thing only–YOUR CHOICE. You want to live it? Decide it and do it. God will endorse it. He wants it more for you than you could imagine. Get to know God. Get out your bible and get on your knees.

    Freedom. Novel? No. Attainable? Yes.

    And, you can look at it this way, if your selfless-by-nature mind does not feel entitled to live in freedom……..living out of bondage is ONE MORE WAY to glorify our Father. So if you cannot do it for you, do it for Him.

    That’s what eye think about it.

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