John Travolta; Staying Alive?

john-travolta-celebrity-photo2There are many in this world like John Travolta and his family who are living hopeless lives because they do not know Jesus Christ.

Sad, isn’t it.

Scientology views Jesus Christ as only being a good person.  They deny his deity.  They do not view Him as being one with God. They do not know the truth.

It’s people like Travolta, Tom Cruise, Ozzy Osborne, Barry Manilow and others with whom I would love to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We all say yeah, that would be great.

His son has passed on but to where, to whom and to what?

Can you imagine with me how wonderful it would be to see people of this celebrity status accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior?  Can you imagine the impact it would have on others?

Give me the chance; give me one shot at sharing the gospel with these people.  I would absolutely love it.  I’ve always wondered what Barry Manilow would be like as a praise and worship leader.

However, there are the skeptics that would be hovering around saying, “They wouldn’t receive it.  They would want to know Him.” Really?  Is that why YOU never share the gospel with others?

If you’re going to be a Christian, if you’re going to bear the name of Jesus Christ, then you have an obligation motivated by a passion to share Jesus with others.

I’m totally amazed of how many Christians there are that talk Christianity among themselves but are too timid and afraid to share it with others.  I believe it’s because they don’t know Jesus Christ as well as they think they do.  They just know of Him.

We’re living in the time right now where the Jehovah Witness, the Church of Scientology, Mormons and other cults are doing their best to entice and seduce people to join their hopeless circles.  We cannot allow this.  We must be vigilant.

So, who are you going to share the gospel with today?  Will there be someone like John Travolta in your path that you are to tell about Jesus Christ? If so, will you?

I hope so.

That’s what I think about it.



One response to “John Travolta; Staying Alive?

  1. It is so sad that during these times of need that these folks are not aware that is is JESUS’s healing power and peace that they are feeling.If they would just open their hearts and minds to the truth of JESUS they would really begin to feel the POWER….GOD IS GOOD…..

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