You should be looking forward to your chance to dance this weekend.

We don’t go out dancing on Friday and Saturday, but we have been known to go out and dance during the week. 

No, we have this special place we go to on the weekend to dance.

It is so much fun and enjoyment.

When the music begins, you know it; we dance.

And we dance, and we dance, and we dance.

We become the fulfillment of the song, “I Hope You Dance”

Dancing is awesome and great.  The live band cranks up and we Dance.

We dance because we’re tire of the junk we’ve endured during the week; people griping, negative remarks, foul mouths, sadness, hopelessness, downturn economy for most folks, unemployment for some.  But still we dance.

We dance until our hearts content.  We dance because we are free and we can.

We move and sway to the music because we love the Master of Ceremonies.

In fact, He IS why we dance.

We dance for Him, because of Him and what He has done and does for us.

Do you get to dance?  When is the last time you danced?  I’ve been to some places where I wanted to dance, but everyone just sat down. Nobody wanted to dance.  Nobody had reason to dance.  It was so sad.  It reminded me of a funeral.

I use to work at several of those places.  Didn’t like it.  Too boring and no enjoyment.  In fact, when the clock struck 12 noon, everyone wanted to leave that place in a hurry.  What kind of a dancing place is that?  Most people want to stay longer to dance.

Do you know people that are fun people and love to dance, but they go to these places where the music is not dance-worthy and the people there don’t want to dance either?  Imagine that.  A place where you’re suppose to dance and nobody does.  Isn’t that strange?

Now the most unpleasant thing about these places that I’m talking about is that the one who is in charge wants to talk for about 30 minutes while many people rest and sleep while he’s talking.

The place where I dance, people don’t go to sleep.  What kind of a dance place is that?

So, enjoy your weekend.  Go dancing.  Enjoy your dance.  I’ll be enjoying dancing this Sunday.

That’s what I think about it.



2 responses to “TGIF

  1. I like to do Riverdance in the aisles.

  2. I testify to that Mr. Larry Cain. And you look good doing it too!

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