Why Did I Do That?

charles-barkleyHow many times have you made a dumb decision, said something stupid or just plain messed up?

Don’t you hate that?

Many people, in their haste to make a decision, make it based on what seems right at the time. This is as a result of human logic, deductive or inductive reasoning underwritten by our senses; sight, taste, hearing, touch and smelling. Our perception of a problem and its’ solution for the majority of the times are made in a split second because of gut feeling.

Gut feeling?

That sense of understanding and knowing deep down within you that gives you the red, yellow or the green light to a perceived problem. How is that working for you? How accurate is your gut feeling? Are you fully persuaded that it can help you with every decision?


Then why do you continue to make dumb decisions based on your gut feelings? You don’t know? No wonder you make poor decisions.

Show me someone who genuinely makes decisions based on the Bible and the still small voice of God and I’ll show you someone who makes very good decisions the majority of the time. In fact, they should have a much better and accurate tract record than you following your gut.

What’s that? Yes they are wrong sometimes and that’s because of the interference that goes on between heaven and earth. Many times messages received are not clear or precise. Sometimes they are misunderstood or misinterpreted.

But, nevertheless, good decisions are made. Discipline is practiced. Kindness is doled out to everybody when possible. Patience is observed by others as a glowing gift. Sacrifice is not a problem to those who have to do it.

So you see, trusting in, relying on someone greater than you will keep you out of trouble and cause you to live a happier life.

You might want to stay away from those gut feelings. You emotional stress will end up giving you psychological diarrhea.

And you don’t want that.

For more information about this and related items go here; http://bible.com

That’s what I think about it.

DTW – http://www.exaltationchurch.com


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