A Church Building With A Dance Floor?

Musical Concert - Christian - clappingPastor, are you crazy? Nope, absolutely not. I’m more excited.

I’ve never heard of such! Neither have I until now.

You know, we speak about joy and excitement in our churches and that’s great. We want people to come to church use their spiritual and physical energies in praise and worship by lifting of hands, dancing, swaying or kneeling. But I have found there is a problem here.

We build our churches in the opposite extreme. It’s time we do something about that and I along with others plan on doing something about that.

We put pews and chairs so close to each other that there is no room for any of this during the praise and worship time. Our people can’t do what they would want to do when it comes time to fully expressing themselves to the Lord during the worship time.

David danced before the Lord. Others waved their hands and arms during worship. Many more knelt in worship. I want to see people have the physical freedom to do all this. Can you imagine a church with a large stage for the band and singers? Comfortable chairs on three sides with cup holders and a small flexible light so one could see their Bible?

Then in the middle is a huge open floor that where when the music starts people begin leaving their chairs and come into the open space called the dance or praise floor. This is where they can have enough room to do whatever they feel during the praise and worship time. Not everyone has to go there to worship, but at least you give them a place to do it. Lighting enhancement will make it even more conducive to praise and worship that will motivate and encourage a complete experience.

Then after praise and worship they will return to their seats and a round platform will be positioned to the middle of the floor where the preaching/teaching will take place “in the round.”

My worship leader sent me a video of a T-Mobile ad that was made in England. As I watched it, I said, “yes, that’s it.” It is exactly what I see people doing on the dance floor in my church. Wow!

Here’s the link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUZrrbgCdYc

I can see it. I know it can happen. I want to make it happen.

Exaltation Arena? That’s cool! That’s just God.

That’s what I think about it.



3 responses to “A Church Building With A Dance Floor?

  1. Could not agree more. My family and I sit at the back of our church where thee is room to move. As a 6 foot plus 19 stone guy I need lots of room!


  2. I think it’s cool too. And yes! we need more room, don’t close me in when it’s praise and worship time. That’s why the choir knows I’m to stand on the end of the row that I may freely worship.

  3. This reminds me of an idea I had when I was younger. As a teen, I would visit praise and worship services that were set up like concerts. Friends and I would dream of opening up a “night club” for other worshippers to go to on Friday and Saturday nights. We thought it would be a great way for people to have the freedom in worship that they don’t always get at church. I’m with you Pastor, all the way! I love worshipping, just as much as you do.

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