Glenn Beck; A Dangerous Man

glennbeck-09162006-picturecnn2Now, I don’t mean he’s a dangerous man in the sense of the word as it pertains to bodily harm.  No, I mean in the sense of getting into your head and heart.

On the surface, he seems to be a loveable, adorable guy who has the country at heart.

That’s the dangerous part.

Glenn comes from a family with a history of suicides.  His mother (when Glenn was13) and his brother-in-law both took their own lives.

Beck, being a former alcoholic and drug addict, took a super-glue liking to the Mormon faith.

This is where his danger lurks.

Beck disguises many of his cult-like religious beliefs in cloaks of dialogue concerning various issues.

Anyone familiar with the Mormon faith knows they are not recognized as Christians because of their denial of Jesus Christ as being a part of the trinity and thus denying his deity.  They just believe that Jesus Christ was a good man.  A good man?  Jesus said He was God.  Glenn Beck and Mormons cannot view Jesus as a good man; they have to view Him as a liar.

However, one listening to Beck would make one think that he is such a close follower of the Christian faith and its beliefs.

However, the Christian faith offers hope and joy while Beck is a fear monger and a carrier of the negative flag of life.

Even as recent as this morning, Beck stated that 90% of Americans believe in God and so does he.  However, 80% of those who believe in God are Christians.  Beck is not one of those.

He also said that when we stand before God that we will be held in judgment of how we took care of our country.  Really?  Glenn, that must be found some where in the Book of Mormon; another testament of Jesus Christ.

So the next time you listen to Beck, remember that Joseph Smith and Salt Lake City are dear to his heart.  Listen too how he seldom has anything good to say about life and the future.

Hey Beck, Jesus Christ is the hope of the world.  I pray someday you’ll meet him here on this earth before you meet Him later.

I bet he doesn’t even drink coffee.

That’s what I think about it.



2 responses to “Glenn Beck; A Dangerous Man

  1. I appreciate your post. I also posted about Glenn Beck, particularly with his interview with Joel Osteen. It was sad from the viewpoint that I sincerely feel I was viewing two men without Christ. Stay strong! God bless,

  2. Wow – never thought about the danger of being a non-coffee drinker!

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