Praise the Lord for the Band – FOREIGNER!

foreigner1Now before you get all spiritual on me, hear me out!

Last night for about an hour, I watched a fantastic concert with the band “Foreigner” on PBS in clear high definition color with brilliantly stage lighting with computerized effects, perfected sound (I’m sure they cleaned it all up in the studio later) and high energy!

Watching it on my fifty-two inch plasma screen television with my blaring surround sound speakers (of course Debra had to turn it down once or twice so as to not disturb the neighbors) made it all the worthwhile and almost making me feel I was there.

Kelly Hansen’s vocals were out of sight as well as the picking of the guitar by the bands’ founder, Mick Jones.

Why praise the Lord?

As I watched the excitement and felt the power of the music, I thought, Lord, this is what churches are looking for to praise and worship You. (Debra tells me that I can find about anything that relates to God in anything we watch.)

Can you imagine going to church every Sunday knowing it’s going to be the very best in music, worship and teaching/preaching? That will be so great.

Can you see yourself being a part of that? Can you envision yourself being caught up in giving God glory and praise and leave church so very anxious to come back. That will be so great.

We’re not going to impact the world with just a pipe organ or an out of tune spinet piano. We’re not going to change lives with sermons that are read or sent from headquarters from someone sitting behind a computer who knows nothing about your church, your people or your community. You can forget about that, it doesn’t work.

You know what’s sad? We have westernized church. We go to church expecting to view it like we do sitting down to watch television. Why I guarantee you there would be those who if they could have a remote control for the sound; they would jump at the chance. Now, I’m not advocating loud, I’m advocating exciting and enthusiasm.

We come to church, sit down and wait for someone to “turn it on for us.” Then we watch all the activities someone has planned for us. We listen to someone as they sing to us. We sit as we let someone serve us with the offering plate. Finally the sermon begins and ends. OK, the program is over now; we can “turn it off” and go home.

We want church to be comfortable. Bottom line.

Not me. I want the Spirit of God to move me. I want the sermon, as pastor, to move me before you hear it. I want it to be a part of me that I give out to you. If I’m not enthusiastic about it, I know you won’t.  Yes, church should be compelling not repelling.

Maybe I’m just different.

Praise the Lord for Foreigner getting me all pumped up about church.

That’s what I think about it.



2 responses to “Praise the Lord for the Band – FOREIGNER!

  1. As an eye witness…er, “ear” witness to what you just read, I concur. It was exciting; it was excellent; it was loud. And I’d LOVE for church to be that exciting, that moving…because God is worthy of such praise. I’d love to sing to the top of my lungs to remind myself that God is greater and higher and more powerful than every name that is named in my own personal heaven and earth and under my own personal earth. So, yeah; pass the earplugs – I’m in!

  2. Amen to that Pastor. I love sitting in the first row with the speakers right in front of me. You can’t help moving with the vibrations of the music. It is awesome, but it is the words of praise that makes it special. Knowing that God inhabits the praises of his people and that we are pleasing God with our songs. I enjoy putting a smile on His face. I can’t wait for Exaltation Arena to manifest itself. That will truely bless God. Keep up the great work in the Lord.

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