Rodney Dangerfield and God; They Both Get No Respect!

rodney_dangerfieldRemember the comedian, Rodney Dangerfield? I really liked him. He’d always wear the dark suits, white shirts and thin red ties. He would keep the top button unbuttoned and his tie loose and when he would tell a joke, he’d pull at his collar and say, “I get no respect.”

I was thinking about that recently in light of how God is treated not so much by those who are not acquainted with him or know His son on a first name basis, (although they use both God’s name and Jesus Christ in an angry manner and they don’t even know Them) but by those who call themselves Christians or believers.

Those are the ones that I speak of.

For example, our very President, Obama, just last week signed into a law allowing funds to leave America to abolish and eliminate God’s creations found in another of God’s creations to be destroyed but by the same token will punish a pedophile. Can you believe it? I mean He gave Biden the evil eye last week for making fun of Judge Roberts. Why, because he respects Judge Roberts. But God? He gets no respect and Obama proclaims to be a Christian. I think.

How about a person who again considers themselves a Christian, by all manner of means, and yet vehemently say they only have one day a week of which they get to sleep in and rest. I’m glad God is merciful. He could say, “Look, you don’t want to attend My house and be with My family on Sundays’ because you want to rest? I’ll make it easy for you. Next time you rest on Sunday morning, I’ll make sure you keep your eyes closed for the rest of your life. Then the next time you open them, you’ll be looking right at Me.” Whoa! He gets no respect from even them.

Or say, people who go to church, call themselves believers and act like it’s ok to do what they do. Some are guilty of libel and slander, saying God created them gay. Some are guilty of fraud. At church they want people to think they are one way when at home they are another. Some are guilty of stealing by keeping from God that which is rightfully His. It’s a good thing that these religious crimes aren’t punishable by human law. Talk about over crowded jails? He gets no respect even from them.

The best one is those who believe God places diseases on people. I mean I hear people say that God gave them cancer, or caused an accident, or gave them a messed up body. Are you kidding me? If someone in America who has HIV and spits on another person, it is considered a crime. If God does do what many believers say He does, then He too is a criminal and should be put in jail. No respect. He doesn’t get respect.

So Rodney, take heart. You have good company. You and God get no respect.

That’s what I think about it.



2 responses to “Rodney Dangerfield and God; They Both Get No Respect!

  1. I can recount time after time over the years that we’ve prayed for people who were desperate for a job, God provided the job and then they were too busy or too tired to come to church. And others who desperately wanting children, we prayed, they had a baby, and then would stay home from church, using the baby as an excuse. Or those we prayed for to be healed and they were healed but they afterwards seldom come to church. It’s good that God is full of mercy and grace and doesn’t say, “I’ll just take the job back and then you’ll have time for Me,” or “I’ll just take the baby back and then you’ll be able to have time for Me,” or “I’ll let the sickness come back so you’ll need Me again.” I’m sorry, God, for those who break Your heart.

  2. I totally agree with you. Some think you can kill a baby before it’s born. That’s murder without penalty on Earth. Can you say” God forgive me “after an abortion and it’s OK. I don’t THINK so!

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