Cursing; A Joy For Some, An Offense For Others


“Pardon my French,” he said, after using his pet curse words in my presence. However, I proceeded to inform him, that the words he was choosing to accentuate his emotions were not part of the French language, contrary to popular belief.

A man (who proudly speaks of himself as being religious) I spoke with recently had two pet words. He used them in almost every sentence. I wanted to say to him that if I don’t preach to these people then they will be dammed and possibly go to hell. (Read between the lines please.)

At some work places you can use almost all the curse words you choose in your conversations. However, try typing those same words to an employee in an email and they get flagged. Talk about inconsistency and irony?

Remember when our Vice-President Cheney told another member of the senate to go have marital relations by himself communicating the same with a couple of choice words? Wow, that got a lot of media attention! The majority of Americans just laughed and some even applauded the VP.

Then, as Christians, there are words that we make room for in our vocabulary. Except we’ve send them through the Christian-izer to be cleaned up. We substitute ‘shoot’ for a very, very common curse word. How about ‘flop?’ Now that one is really cleaned up. I’ve heard the word ‘dog-it’ used. Go figure. My mom would never let me use the word ‘durn.’ I’ve even got a friend who jokingly says, “Son of a bee’s wax.” But, hey, he’s still a great guy.

We excuse a lot of this salty language when it is not directed at us. We laugh when it’s used in a joking manner. We give a good guffaw when a joke is told using it. (Hey, that joke wouldn’t be funny without it, now would it?) If it’s used on TV we just think it’s normal and acceptable.

We even use the 2nd class language as believers to make people feel we’re “with it.” By using these words we try to get others accept us and assure them that we’re not at all religious. No, we’d rather use those curse or vulgar words because that’s typical with the crowd in which we run. And we wouldn’t want to offend them, now would we?

I even heard a very well know preacher from Atlanta on TV the other night preach about being in a third world country and he jokingly said, “It was hot as hell.” But that’s ok, it’s just slang, we can accept that, now can’t we? He got a lot of laughs. I doubt that Billy Graham would say that or even the President use that in a speech.

You can choose to use those words and look appear like you’ve never been educated or you can choose to clean up your vocabulary and use words that are acceptable in any situation. It’s your choice.

I believe Jesus said something about ‘idle words’ and coarse language.

That’s what I think about it.



4 responses to “Cursing; A Joy For Some, An Offense For Others

  1. What the —-! Where do you get off saying these things?!?! Just kidding! I thought that would be funny. I totally agree with your post today and might have even been guilty quite often of a “what the poo-poo” or two. It’s funny how people that normally curse laugh when you substitute another less-offensive word and it still evokes the same meaning so you got me thinking today that I probably just shouldn’t use any of those words…offensive or offensive in sheep’s clothing. I appreciate your perspective. Thanks.

  2. The Bible says that everything that was created was created through the Spoken Word of God – Jesus. We wonder why things happen in our lives but we seldom look back to see if maybe we did some creating with our own mouths. It’s one thing for lost people to choose coarse words, but when we believers do, we choose to not be like our Father…and we start creating things that are not of our Father’s good will for us. How sad that must make Him.

  3. Thanks for the insight. I often use “golly” “oh my gosh”, “heck” , “stuff”
    and “oh fudge”. I guess I should clean up my act or mouth. I am offended by the use of the “f” word while others are offended by the names “God” and “Jesus” which are both beautiful. That’s what I think about it.

  4. I was recently at a gathering and one of the other attendees dropped the “F” bomb in every other sentence. I was greatly offended and truly uneasy about being there. Luckily I had driven myself had had a way home.. My debate is…as a christian, how do I handle this, do I try to talk with someone who obviously does not have a relationship with Jesus and is a few sheets to the wind or do I retreat and pray for them.

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