The Joys Of Husband-Hood

rocky-fullWhen May 18 rolls around this year, I will have been married 35 years. I think that’s pretty, pretty good.

I started thinking, it’s been rewarding and challenging.  However the rewards far out weigh the challenges.

But hey, I think Debra would agree that I’ve been and still am a good husband.  (If I don’t toot my own horn, nobody else will. 🙂)

I’ve been at the births of both of my children.

I’ve been at  Debra’s side for every operation she’s had.

I’ve helped her with the house, being motivated by maturity and ownership. Yeah, I’m an adult I can clean and it’s MY house too.

Am I hen pecked?  Of course not.  I’ve just be taught from childhood that if something needs to be done and I can do it then I should.  I’m glad my parents taught me that.  Going to seminary where we had to keep our rooms clean had it’s part as well.

Yeah, I wash, dry, fold and put away clothes.  I vacuum the carpets.  I mop and wax floors.  I cook and have dinner ready when I can.  I’m fully aware of all the domestic things that need to be done and I help a lot in this area.  Not bad.

I spend as much time with Debra as I can.  She’s is a partner to me in the ministry.  I realize the importance of character and reputation of marriage and I have remained faithful and loyal in that and many other areas.  I still court my wife after all these years; it’s very important.

I call my in-laws and tell them I love them and treat them with respect.  Since my parents have passed on, I treat my in-laws as my own parents.

I still try to make sure that we enjoy life and have fun; all the time.  She makes it easy.

Yes, there are joys of husband-hood.  I know there are a lot more men like me who enjoy the art and craft of being a good husband.  I high five all you guys who understand what I’m talking about.

Being a good husband is not a joking matter; it is a responsibility.

That’s what I think about it.


4 responses to “The Joys Of Husband-Hood

  1. Someone will read this blog thinking, “I would love to have a husband like that.” I would say, no, you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t because it is very humbling to be treated with such love. It’s humbling to have someone who works really hard already add extra work to their day just because they love you. Receiving acts of love is very humbling. If you could sit back and relax while your husband is washing dishes or doing laundry and feel like you deserve such treatment, maybe you need to do some soul searching to see why your level of love and commitment isn’t reciprocal. I love my husband, not because he does the dishes but because he wants to do the dishes. Jennifer Anniston, eat your heart out! 🙂

  2. Excellent post and comment. I believe DTW said it exactly right, “…because he wants to do the dishes.” He wants to do the dishes because he loves his wife, because he serves his wife, it’s biblical, “…as Christ loves the church.” He loves the church by serving the church, to the point of willingly giving His life… husbands are we listening?

  3. Good Morning Pastor Tim…”Dwight”…This was a great message..I also have a GREAT wife and partner.Through our married life,Jean has been the best.Through my cancer,she showed her love and friendship during very tough times..You cant beat GOD,a good wife,and most of all prayers and friends.This being said,I must say that growing up with Dwight,he has always been a very commited person and friend.This comes from good parents and his Christian upbringing,but I bet if he really told you,he is not that fond of doing dishes..ha..ha..I hope you have a great day..GODS PEACE be with you all…Lyle Sturgis

  4. Great Blog and Comments. DThomasW I’m glad you return the love that is given to you. I can see it whenever I see you both. Sometimes the ladies don’t realize how good a partner they have. Well remember there are some of us out here that wish they had a good wife or husband.
    Thats what I —know— about it.

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