State Automobile Inspections – Our Stimulus Package

100_4258Now, I realize that Obama wants to put out the 850 trillion stimulus package but the stimulus package is already in place. It’s called state automobile inspections. Let me explain.

In Virginia, as we all know, we have to have our automobiles inspected for an annual fee of $16.00. Now that’s fine.


If during the microscopic (or it seems like) MRI that they perform on the automobile comes up “with something wrong” what was suppose to be $16 ends up being $300 or more dollars. There’s your stimulus package I’m telling you!

Let me break it down for you.

I go to Merchants Tire. “I would like to have my Explorer inspected and oil changed”

They call me three hours later and say the brake pads on the back are bad and they cannot approve it unless the replace them for $189.00. OK….

So when I go back in here’s what I see on my bill;

Oil change (synthetic oil for an older automobile) $59.99

Haz-Material dispensing charge $ 3.00

VA Inspection $16.00

Sure stop rear brake service (found out later this was

an overcharge) $10.00

Disc Brake Pads $79.99

Sure stop Brake package for labor $100.00

Shop fees (now this is for any hand cleaner, paper seat

covers or paper floor mats they might use.

I asked the man did they use them an his answer

was; “I assume.”) $19.00

All taxes $ 8.60

Grand Total $296.58

It’s all in the grand scam of things. If you don’t let them fix it, you lose. You get a circle with a line through it sticker place on your windshield. You are at the mercy of the court of inspectors. You don’t win.

I’m sure it has happened and more so to a lot of people than just me.

Now I just praise the Lord that we had the money to fix it! Hallelujah!

Now, please don’t say, “Well you could look at it this way.” If they hadn’t fix you’re brakes something worst could have happened.

Yeah, and I could have used the money for something else until I heard those little babies screeching and screaming…”FIX ME!”

Well I just pray that Merchants will keep their employees hired and not fired nor laid off during this wretched economy. I hope they are just paid well with great benefits.

As for state that is another blog for another time.

That’s what I think about it.



2 responses to “State Automobile Inspections – Our Stimulus Package

  1. Did you get them to check your halogen fluid in you headlight resevoir? You wouldn’t want your headlights to go out all of a sudden. Did they also tighten up your sparkplug wingnuts? On an older vehicle like that, those can loosen after time.

    You know what Merchants is backwards don’t you. Stnachr Em’.

    I think you might have been Stnatchred.

    That what I think about it.

    Your friend,
    Raoul VanLouvenderheim

  2. Yea, the last time I had my oil changed at the tune of $60, not only did I get ripped off, but then I was scolded by my spouse for spending that much money for someone to change the oil! He is faithful about changing my oil for me since that incident. Those ramps have paid for themselves five times over!!

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