Many Are Sworn In – Many Bypass the Training

77165071WM002_ARMY_CHIEFS_SCan you imagine with me for a moment, what it would be like for our country to swear in a young man or woman into the armed forces and then give them a weapon only to ship them off to war?

How ludicrous!

However, this same type of scenario, using the comparison of a soldier going off to war without training, is repeated time after time in lives of believers of Jesus Christ.

We have people who have an epiphany or life changing experience in which they give their heart and life to Jesus Christ. Then, either by their own choice or the lack of responsibility taken by their church, they fail to receive instructions on how to bring religion and reality together. In other words, they don’t know what to do, how to act or how to respond to conflict.

These same people, when faced with obstacles, tragedies, hardships or extreme difficulties have no idea of how to adequately handle it.

Their training should kick in, but if you have none–it won’t happen.

Many veterans of war testify to the fact that when fear overwhelms you in battle zone situations, it is their training that keeps them alive.

The majority of Christians in America are facing many difficulties in their lives right now and do you know what they are hoping and depending on to get them through successfully? They only know two things; experience and their own opinion.

It is as absurd as a soldier receiving his oath, departing for battle and relying on his experience and opinion. Can you comprehend the confusion and frustration that would arise out of such?

Furthermore, there are those who call themselves Christians that only took the oath. Then they act and look so ridiculously that I liken them to the episode of Andy Griffith when Earnest T. Bass wanted to join the Army just to get a uniform to impress the girls. These same believers show their ignorance of the Bible by their non-foundational opinions, their disrespect for the uniform or armor of God by wearing it while slobbering foul language, displaying poor judgment of actions and embarrassing others who know why they are in the Army of God.

That, my friend, is the Church today. We are in a mess of confusion and frustration because we fail to attend the training classes of Sunday morning, Wednesday evening and any other Bible study that might be going on, because Lord knows, we’re not going do it on our own. We need the Holy Spirit to break us down just to be built up again.

I see it all the time; believers who wring their hands in worry and fear because they either refuse to go to training classes, don’t have enough discipline of their own to study the Bible, or the church hasn’t taken the time to teach them.

People, you need instruction in the days we’re living in! You have a weapon, the Bible. But you’ve got to learn how to effectively use it in your job, family and personal life. In other words, you’ve got to understand relationship; the relationship that is required between you and your Master; The Lord Jesus Christ.

That’s what I think about it.



One response to “Many Are Sworn In – Many Bypass the Training

  1. Humbled by god already this morning. I tag surfed in this morning and started to read. At paragraph 3 i was mad at youand by para 5 was ready to say “Rocha!’ god forgive me. then i say you are saying something I say every week. You see I am an SBC preacher, I got put in the Pastor role 4 years ago after running from God’s call for two decades. I am not a seminarian by choice, and I took the first of your article personally, sorry. I end up in so much agreement with you. we are not even teaching the flock to put on their Gospel Armour, to read scripture, to pray. Whether the fault is of the student or the teacher i do not know but there are lambs led to slaughter out there.
    I am very fortunate. Most of the people god has given me to love have survived addiction, legalism, false doctrine, or just a rough life. they soak up the Word like a sponge.
    so forgive me, God bles you, I will be back, I enjoy your writing very much, when i am not in a sinful state. Oh there you go, I got up today and did not put on my Gospel Armor. another lesson learned.

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