Religion Is Worthless – Fool’s Gold

religionThe true definition of religion is a set of beliefs, values, codes and practices agreed upon by a group of people. It’s a system, plain and simple.

Words like beliefs, values, codes and practices are what civic organizations are built around. They are the glue that holds fraternities, political organizations and clubs together.

They are the oath one takes in a secret society that cause one to vehemently agree to have his own throat slit before he would betray another brother who has taken the same oath.

These are what make people feel good about themselves when they have stayed true to a standard set by men who have exalted themselves above other men, for whatever reason or reasons.

Rules, codes, standards of conduct and practices are the foundational structure of an empty religion. A structure of a system built to make one feel good about himself.

I know a lot of religious people. These are people who follow a set of codes, guidelines and a rulebook by which they gauge their level of worthiness or worthlessness in life.

I know a lot of religious churches. These are churches who give these same people a set of codes, guidelines and a rulebook and if they abide by them they are given a place of prestige and prominence in their organization.

Religion doesn’t help anybody with anything at anytime. Its fool’s gold.

It is a baseless philosophy built on the approval of man by man and only gratifies that within man; his pride and greed.

Jesus was so right on when he attacked the religious people and organizations of his day. He was so correct when he called them “whitewashed tombs.” He said they look good on the outside but on the inside they are fraudulent.

What do these religions require out of people?

Two things, loyalty to the system and extreme financial support; both of which give a person a false reading of his righteousness or his unrighteousness.

But then, of course, if you fail in either of these you can pay penitence with a vulgar amount of wealth or you can go to confession. Then you will feel good about yourself because you’ve satisfied the code and practice of your religion and been made to feel good by those who have exalted themselves.

Religion and $1.95 will get you a venti cup of coffee at Starbucks Coffee.

Religion won’t get you to heaven. Religion won’t change peoples lives. Religion is worthless.

That’s what I think about it.



One response to “Religion Is Worthless – Fool’s Gold

  1. Hooo-Rahh!!!! RIGHT ON PASTOR!!!! How many “Christians” out there believe in the TRINITY and know of it but don’t know that there is more. I was brought up know CHRIST but now the ralationship I could have with him. Now feeling His peace, His joy, His love, His grace in our lives. You are teaching us well on how to have a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with HIM. GREAT BLOG!! Keep it up. Blessings to YOU. PKA

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