“Skepticism Is Slow Suicide”

wrightffRalph Waldo Emerson had it right on with his skepticism quote.

Too often we are elevated in our spirit by a dream, a cause, or a mission only to be torn down by another who feels it is their “duty” to see to it that we don’t fly too high.

Skepticism abounds in the heart of man. It is a wretched, evil filled and faithless emotion that seethes from the heart to the mind and mouth. It is the self applied caution of life and love. It is that which protects us from being wrongfully manipulated or hurt.

You say skepticism is good sometimes. Really? When?

What good does skepticism produce? None. It only wastes time in trying to establish relationships, reach goals and doing good in general. It’s a barrier in relationships that makes one become judge and jury until another proves himself worthy of the other’s approval. It is the water which one must build a bridge to cross over to win the approval of another, whether it’s for a relationship or a project.

No, skepticism on any level is not good.

Learned skepticism is a result of one having been hurt time after time after time only to build the personal wall of protection higher and higher each time.

Good people who accept others at face value are vulnerable. They are an emotional disaster waiting to happen if the people they accept are fraudulent. They are a people at risk of being hurt.

But these people learn people skills of how to evaluate other’s goodness by what they know from their gut, their experience and knowledge. One thing they don’t do is become aloof or keep their distance from others until otherwise proven wrong.

Skepticism is built not on faith but on doubt.

Skepticism says that I have no faith in you, your project or anything good you do. I will be skeptical of you until you have proven yourself, so that I can have faith in you, your project or anything good you do.

Our entire society is built on skepticism. We revolve around it.

Jesus Christ was not one who was skeptical in any shape, fashion or form. He was a man who accepted another human being at face value. Why? Because he saw the potential in man. He saw what he could have been instead of what he was.

Did Jesus get burned in relationships? Of course He did. He even chose a disciple, a close friend, a brother and a confident that betrayed Him. His own people rejected him. His mother and brother called him ‘delusional ‘at one point in front of others.

No, skepticism is an attitude full of doubt and unbelief. I’ve been burned a lot in my past and I’ll have many more emotional fire produced scars. But like I’ve said before, success bears the scars of sacrifice.

It’s an attitude that the world’s system thrives on. No thank you, I’ll be having something else; trust and encouragement.

That’s what I think about it.

DTW – http://www.exaltationchurch.com


One response to ““Skepticism Is Slow Suicide”

  1. OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! “Cautious”…”seen it happen before”…”don’t want to see it happen again”…it’s all the same: skepticism. People in our past who lacked character continue to leave their trash in our lives when we allow them to turn us into skeptics. I admit it – I’ve been burned many times…and it made me skeptical. But I am choosing to throw out the trash and forget those who left it. And if I get burned again, well I’ll just call Waste Management for another pick up. Good blog there, brother! Even though it did sting; it was still good medicine.

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