America’s Failing Leadership

bald_eagle_head_mg05011John Maxwell said, “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

Leaders from all walks of life in America are failing at what they have been given a responsibility to do, and that is to lead.

John’s quote is so poignant as to where we are in various fields in America. Men and women have lost their passion to lead. Leaders are to lead, not just sit in power chairs and enjoy the accolades of the masses.

The success of any program, plan or parish begins at the pinnacle and filters to the bottom.

The passion of a leader impacts the position of the layman which results in success or failure.

We have seen it quite glaringly from home lenders to home leaders. We’ve watched it go from heads of corporations to heads of churches. No one is immune from irresponsible leadership.

During this time of economic debacle of blundering and greedy CEO’s there is a lack of taking responsibility and a whole lot of finger pointing and blaming others. This is symptomatic of poor leadership.

Presidents of businesses and CEO’s are refusing to take their rightful place of authority and responsibility and are now delegating the role of who gets laid off and cutback to sub-leadership so they themselves appear guiltless and blameless. I call them cowards.

Pastors (who should be the ones who lead by example) are becoming the ones who falter in their leadership. They are becoming the ones who need repentance and rehabilitation and leave their sheep in confusion. Others receive their recompense for their sermons and fail to take responsibility for anything else that goes on behind the scenes. To all of them I say, “you need to turn in your credentials.”

Our politicians are more concerned about electability than responsibility. They vote, they lead and they choose, based on what makes them look good instead of what is best for America. Our political system needs reform now more than ever.

Leadership is defined by the passion of the leader and not the position of the leader. Jesus was passionate about impacting people. He was a leader. In fact, there has never been a leader like Jesus Christ. When men write about the leadership skills of the Master, one key element stands out; relationship. He cared about the welfare of the people. He had a relationship with them that caused them to follow him and look to him for leadership.

Can we not learn? Are we too prideful in America to go back to saying, “In God WE trust?” If not, someone is going to come along and say ,“I have all the answers.” Can we say anti-Christ?

That’s what I think about it.



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