The Cigarette; Some People’s Best Friend!

smoking_largeIt was my alarm clock, believe it or not. We didn’t have air conditioning and in the summertime, dad would sit in the swing on the front porch, read the newspaper, smoke a cigarette and the smell would wake me up (my bedroom was right next to the front porch). I absolutely hated that smell.

I didn’t realize, until I was older and away from home, how bad my clothes must have smelled to others because of cigarette smoke. I never thought about it. But then again, most of the parents of my friends smoked so maybe it wasn’t so bad.

Smoking is the drug addition that is more accepted by Christians than anything else. We realize that it is some people’s best friend; it was my dad’s.

They have to have that cigarette after a meal, when drinking coffee, when stressed out, after marital relations and I’m sure other times that I don’t know about. With the average cost of a pack of cigarettes at $4.50, and smoking two packs a day, spending $9.00 dollars a day on your best friend is not too shabby. Let’s see that’s $56.00 a week, $270.00 a month and $4,590.00 a year. I wish I was somebody’s best friend like that, don’t you?

My dad introduced his best friend to my brothers and my older sister. In fact one of my brothers about died when he picked the wrong weed to chew on as he was walking home one day to keep dad from smelling the smoke on his breath; the weed was poisonous. They had to rush him to the hospital when he began to turn blue; bad mistake on his part.

My dad’s best friend, who became my sister’s best friend, killed her when she was only 52. Interestingly enough, her death put a hole in my heart. See, parents don’t get it when they spend time with this best friend, that they are drilling holes in their children’s and family’s hearts should they die an early death.

Some people are open about their drug addition to their best friend; some arrogant about it. Some sneak around and do it. We don’t see them, but boy do we know it. Their clothes and their breath reek with it. (What I despise is coffee and smoker’s breath. My dad would tell me goodbye when I would leave for school with that luscious fragrance.)

Now the Christian world can be very inconsistent about things especially when they preach against smoking. I remember hearing a 400 pound pastor preaching on the sin of smoking and how it harms the body. This man died on the operating table having his stomach stapled. Maybe he should have taken up smoking?

I want to be compassionate with smokers and say, please stop. You’re killing your body, you don’t smell the greatest and you’re spending a lot of money. In Richmond, pretty soon, you won’t be welcomed to bring your best friend into the restaurant with you.

Hey, Christian smokers, listen to me. You’ll have a better testimony, you’ll be healthier and you’ll save money.

Can you imagine a picture of Jesus with a cigarette in his hand? How disappointing. (I found a picture that I was going to include with this blog of Jesus smoking but it was too offensive. Maybe I should have put a picture of a Christian smoking instead.)

That’s what I think about it.



One response to “The Cigarette; Some People’s Best Friend!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Excellently written. Very good advise too for smokers. I agree with you completely that smoking is expensive and bad for your body and should not be taken up as a habit. My father too smokes a lot just as you mentioned, so I could relate to the story too. But it is not only Christians but everybody should quit this habit.

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