Ok, The Secret Is Out!

pirate_treasure_chest1I must admit, over the last 4 months, more and more people are turning to what I have to say about various issues and ideas more than ever. So many are reading “What I Think About It” and listening to the broadcast. More so than ever before.

It’s humbling but at the same time perplexing.

Since beginning the written blog back in the fall, over eight thousand people have viewed and read the words that are impacting and changing people’s attitudes and actions in life.

That gives me a convincing indication that there are so many that not only need to, but ought to hear it, apply it and live it. There are a lot of WITAI fans who believe and know what I say is right and true. I get a bundle of positive feedback. You see, I’m sorry, but you won’t hear what I say and write from anyone else. I say what people are thinking. That’s the beauty and edginess of WITAI.

I do the same thing in my sermons on Sunday morning. So many people say to me all the time that they wish so many countless others could hear what I say. They tell me that they’ve never heard many of the things I speak to them (it’s all found in the Bible). It is so refreshing and encouraging to them.

Many of you who faithfully read or listen to WITAI let me encourage you to do the following;

1. Share with as many people as you can the written blog by forwarding it to them every time you get it. You will be thanked later for it.

2. Convince as many people as you can to listen to WITAI on the radio or streaming on their computer.

3. When you have a friend who is going through difficulty, go to the blog site, WITAI, and look for a “tag” that could help them. Send them the link to it and watch what happens.

4. Take the courage to leave what you’re doing and where you are and come and listen to what I have to say at Exaltation Church on Sunday Morning.

5. By reading the daily blogs, listening to the radio and hearing it in person on Sunday morning, you will be so well prepared for life than ever before.

I absolutely love helping people and equipping them for life.

I love taking the Bible and making it have a no-nonsense correlation between religion and reality.

WITAI is your connecting bridge between religion and reality that teaches you how to develop values and ideals. It will make your life more pleasurable, livable and joyful.

I love getting up everyday and sharing what I believe will be the most positive message influence you’ll have for that day.

You need to know how to use what you hear and read in the Bible and apply it to your everyday life. I’m here to help you with that.

You’re welcome. I love you too!

That’s what I think about it.

DTW – http://www.exaltationchurch.com


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